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Take a glimpse into what it takes to get a champ’s chest from the Olympia legend himself.

Ronnie Coleman is a former American professional bodybuilder with a record 8 consecutive Mr. Olympia titles and is arguably one of the best bodybuilders ever. When it comes to bodybuilding, he has set the standard in enhancing the size and definition of muscle. Within this article, we’ll take a look at the workout program that helped Coleman to become one of the strongest and heaviest lifting bodybuilders in history.

Ronnie Coleman, the eight-time Mr. Olympia, set the standard for freaky size and conditioning that, in all likelihood, won’t be equaled anytime soon, let alone surpassed for the foreseeable future. His pecs outsized the rest of the competition’s, and, if not for his equally preposterous back, he would surely have toppled over face-first from their immense weight.
Unlike most of his generation, he trained his chest twice weekly, devoting the first workout to barbells and the second to dumbbells. Ronnie Coleman preferred free-weight pressing movements with heavy weights for eight to 12 reps.
NOTE: Each workout was performed once per week, three days apart.

Workout Principles

Within Ronnie Coleman’s routines, he normally mixes up his exercises. He’s concentrating on each of his body parts with 8-9 different exercises.

In order to build strength and gain muscle mass, Ronnie Coleman followed the “power building” approach to training.

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