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Build Up “Enormous Chest” With These 5 Ultimate Chest Training Blueprint

The chest is one of the body parts that we all want to build up and we crush them out every Monday Day when it’s the International Chest Day or even other days of the week. We’ve put together the 5 best chest ultimate training blueprints so that you can benefit from them. 
We have broken this down into 5 parts, which if done correctly will help your chest grow noticeably.

#1 Get Your Posture Right

People get into the gym on chest day and head straight for the bench press (barbells or dumbbells). They just want to work their way up with the weight as fast as possible, but they forget about their posture. Bodybuilders have a propensity to have rounded shoulders anyway because of tightness across the chest and anterior deltoids. The best posture for chest recruitment is with your shoulders pushed BACK, and your chest OUT. You don’t want your shoulders to round – so check yourself and make sure you’re really emphasizing this.

#2 Keep The Elbows High

This is a BIG one…
When you press and try to lift heavy, you will naturally let your elbows tuck in more because it allows your triceps to support more. This means you can lift heavier but it actually removes tension from the pecs. Keep your elbows high so you can work the muscle fibers you’re targeting successfully, just swallow your ego here.

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#3 Avoid Lockout When Pressing

When pressing I never lockout because it takes tension off the pecs and makes it fall on to the triceps. It also puts more stress on the elbows!
By shortening the range of motion slightly on your presses you are in fact making the chest muscles work harder which helps with growth.

#4 Pick Form Over Weight

I have already touched on posture and weight impacting that, as well as elbow position. Generally speaking, people let their ego get in the way on chest day, guys are BAD for this! Just know when you let ego lead your decision making you end up:
You’re basically wasting your time!! Think smart, put your longevity AND progress first by keeping your form tight.

#5 Isolate Every Workout

Do some isolation work every chest workout to help improve that mind-to-muscle connection – it makes a huge difference because you learn how to recruit muscle fibers in the pecs. Cable cross-overs, cable flys, and the pec-dec are the three best exercises for this. Go slow, tense the muscles hard and focus on really “feeling” the muscle do the work!

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