Michal Krizo Is Preparing “To Earn His Pro Card” At The IFBB Pro League And Potentially Appear At 2022 Mr. Olympia

Michal Krizo is pegged as the next big thing in bodybuilding. He has officially made the move to National Physique Committee (NPC) hoping to earn his Pro Card while continuing to post physique updates to social media. In his most recent one, Krizo weighed in at 293 pounds while looking shredded.

It has been one month since Krizo announced his move to the National Physique Committee (NPC) from the IFBB Elite Pro League, where he was one of the biggest stars. Krizo burst onto the scene because of his monstrous size and conditioning. Now, the Slovakian bodybuilder will compete in a show to earn his Pro Card with the goal of eventually making his way to the Olympia stage.

Along with many hashtags about bodybuilding, Krizo captioned his picture “Actual shape 133kg.”

The hype around Michal Krizo continues to grow as he gets closer to the IFBB competition. According to many credible sources, this hype is real.

Michal Krizo Continues To Turn 

Since making the jump into the league, Krizo has been seen by some of the best minds in bodybuilding. This includes Milos Sarcev, who Krizo saw at the Dragon’s Lair in July.

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Sarcev spoke on the build of Krizo and stated that he is a legitimate threat. Also, Jay Cutler ran into Krizo during a workout and spoke about him in a YouTube video. Jay Cutler would like to see Krizo make his way to the Olympia stage in 2022 and believes he would upset some people.

There is still a few months for Krizo to earn qualification for Olympia. The qualification period ends in November.

Michal Krizo shares his physique update just one day after Vitaliy Ugolnikov, down as Good Vito, did the same. At 275 pounds, Ugolnikov is looking shredded and ready to make an impact on National Physique Committee (NPC). He is another up-and-coming talent who switched from the IFBB Elite Pro League. These are two competitors that have a chance to make waves once they earn their Pro Card.

Michal Krizo continues to put on size and improve his physique. This is a scary thought for competitors given the fact that he is already looking like the real deal.

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