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The Best “5 Exercises” You MUST Perform To Build Chest Muscle With Dumbbells

The chest muscle is comprised of two muscles on each side; the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor. These muscles combined are often called the “pecs”. Besides being an area of the body that gets a lot of attention whether male or female, these muscles are essential for many daily activities such as pushing open a door or getting up off the floor.

Even though we will focus on the two chest muscles in this article, it’s important to note that there are four muscles in the anterior chest wall; the pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, serratus anterior, and subclavius.

The largest muscle in the chest the pectoralis major or pec major gets its name from the Latin word pectus or breast and major because it is the larger of the two pectoral muscles. This is the most superficial muscle in the area and has a fan shape that makes up the majority of the chest area. The pectoralis major covers half of the upper chest and is attached to points on the humerus, clavicle, ribs, and sternum. There are two heads of the pec major; the sternocostal head and the clavicular head with both being attached to the upper arm. The two heads of the pec major have some shared responsibilities but they also have some distinct differences in the function that are determined by the angle the upper arm is moved in.

Dumbbell chest exercises provide some benefits that aren’t there when doing barbell chest exercises. Dumbbells can help to build bigger and stronger chest muscles while reducing the risk of injury. Let’s take a look at the benefits of doing dumbbell chest exercises.

 Builds and Engages Stabilizer Muscles: Using dumbbells for chest exercises means that your body has to constantly adjust and stabilize the weight. Muscles in the shoulder are needed to help stabilize the weights while the pectoral muscles will focus on controlling them and preventing them from moving off course.

Less Stress on Joints: Dumbbells don’t lock your joints into moving in a particular path. Our joints can have slight differences from each other. By using a straight bar, the force is evenly distributed which can cause unneeded stress, as one side’s joint might take on more of the burden. Dumbbells allow your wrists, elbows, and shoulders to move in a path that works best for your individual body parts.

Takes Up Less Room: You can do chest dumbbell exercises without the need for large bulky equipment like a bench or barbell. This is perfect for people who want to work out at home and don’t have a large amount of unused space for workout equipment.

Targets the Pectoral Muscles Better: Doing chest exercises with dumbbells makes your muscles work harder because they have to constantly keep the weight under control. This study showed that the dumbbell bench press activated the pec major more than the traditional bench press and Smith machine bench press.

Wider Range of Motion: Dumbbells allow you to move them through a greater range of motion compared with barbells. In exercises like bench press, the bar can’t go any lower than your chest but with dumbbells, you can lower past this point thus resulting in a bigger stretch. You can also rotate your wrists while doing certain chest exercises like chest flys which contract the pecs more giving you a bigger pump.

Develops Even Strength: Dumbbells will immediately let you know if one side of your body is stronger or weaker than the other side. Doing barbell chest exercises can mask muscle imbalances where one side is compensating for the other. When doing chest dumbbell exercises if one side is a failure before the other you will recognize this allowing you to put more focus on the weaker side until they are close to equal.

Working out with dumbbells is a beneficial technique. especially in terms of technique and balance. Here is a session to be done just with dumbbells.

The pecs session is one or even the favorite session of all bodybuilding enthusiasts!. There are countless exercises and variations available to effectively and deeply work the pecs. The possibilities with the barbell, dumbbells, pulley and even kettlebells are unlimited.
We offer you a quick session that does not last more than 30 minutes. but will allow you to supplement your training with another muscle group or simply do it on days when you do not have a lot of time.

5 Exercises to Build Chest Muscle With Dumbbells

Dumbbells Bench Press

Very effective for increasing your strength, the goal here is to put a fairly heavy load because of the small number of repetitions. In the negative phase, control the descent of the weight (about 6 seconds) and be as explosive as possible in the pushing phase. With this rhythm, you will improve your explosiveness and your ability to support heavy dumbbells.

4 sets of 5 reps

Dumbbells Incline Press

For this exercise, incline your bench by 30 degrees and repeat the previous movement. The difference with the classic recumbent is that this variation works on the top of the pectorals. Count 2 seconds for the downward phase and 1 second for the concentric phase when it comes to the rhythm.

3 sets of 15 then 1 set of 12 repetitions

Dumbbell Flyes

A popular move among gym-goers on chest day, is a perfect follow-up exercise to your large compound exercises. The Flye will strike the chest from a new angle, assisting in muscle exhaustion and targeting the inner chest muscles.
Furthermore, you don’t need to lift as much weight because dumbbell flyes are normally done with lighter weights, allowing you to focus on the form and squeeze held with each rep.
Dumbbell flyes are a must-have addition to your training program if you want to grow a bigger, well-shaped chest with that “chest separation” look.

3 sets of 10 then 1 set of 7 repetitions

Dumbbells Crush Press

Crush pushes shorten the pecs and force them to contract hard. Flyes and dumbbell pressing activities, in which the weights lower past your chest, emphasizing a stretch on the muscles, are a good contrast. Crush presses can be used to create a similar effect to cable crossovers without the requirement for two expensive cable stations.

3 sets of 8 reps

Dumbbells Pullovers

Again, it’s up to you to determine the load you want to work with. This exercise does not necessarily take very heavy. You can injure your shoulders in particular with dislocations if you cannot support the load. Extremely effective, it uses the pectoralis major, the triceps, the teres serious, and the latissimus dorsi.

3 sets of 8 reps

You will be able to mix strength, hypertrophy, and flexibility with this program. We also remind you that it is necessary to warm-up well before starting this program, otherwise, you will be faced with injuries, especially in the shoulders for the last exercise.
Do not hesitate to stretch after a pectoral session. Many exercises don’t just work on the pectorals, such as the biceps and deltoids. Simple stretches to stretch the pectoral muscle group can be done even at home.

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