Avoid These “3 Common Big Mistakes If You Want “To Get A 6-Pack” Faster

Your usual abs exercises routine was working great—until it wasn’t. Abs, like any other muscles, need progressive resistance to become stronger and more ripped. Think about it: you wouldn’t keep benching 200 lbs. to grow your pecs if you’re capable of lifting double that. It’s not going to get you any stronger or your chest muscles any bigger— you need to add more weight.

Same thing with abs. There’s going to come a time when you’ve done so many crunches that your midsection just becomes used to it. You need to put a strain on these muscles if you expect a six-pack to appear. Or, if you already have one, maintain it and make it look even sharper.

With these training abs tips from top trainers, you’ll bust through that plateau and get back to developing that ripped and shredded core.

It’s a common situation in the world of working out. Lots of guys aiming to achieve ripped abs, but they are misinformed on how to get a six-pack, and just never see results! In this article, I’m going to tell you the three main mistakes guys do when trying to get ripped abs. Avoid these mistakes, and after reading this, you’ll begin to know how to get a six-pack the proper way!

Hours spent on crunches and the wrong type of cardio.

Doing a hundred crunches a day and jogging on a treadmill for hours at a time is just not how to get a six-pack you desire! Crunches are too small and isolated exercises and won’t burn away enough body fat quick enough. Jogging isn’t intense enough either, and doing jogging may lower your metabolism, which is exactly what you don’t want when trying to burn fat!

People think they can eat whatever they want and “burn it off” in the gym

The experts with great abs will tell you that having a solid healthy diet is key if you ever want to see those abs! Everyone has a six-pack, it’s just they are covered by a layer of belly fat. What you need to do is lower your body fat, by cutting out the foods that contain empty useless calories, like biscuits and crisps. Eating foods that contain high protein content will help to build muscle, and will strengthen your abs!

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People quit after a week because they haven’t got abs like the experts

You don’t lose all your belly fat overnight! It will take dedication and a solid routine, but after a few weeks, you will begin to see results! Keep focused on how much better you’ll feel once you reach that day where you can whip off your top and reveal stunning abs that won’t go unnoticed by the opposite sex!

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