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The 2021 Arnold Sports Festival USA Has Been Postponed Until Further Notice

2021 has been postponed. Event officials have confirmed the postponement and have informed us that the event will look to take place in May or June 2021.
 Officials have also confirmed to IFBNewsfeed.Org that Rogue Fitness will look at options to host the 2021 Arnold Pro Strongman World Championship at their facilities in Columbus, Ohio. 2020 has been a less than ideal year to say the least. The entire world has been reeling since the beginning of the year. The global health crisis has threatened the lives of everyone on the planet as well as economies, mental health, and everything we hold dear.
Things appeared to be going back to normal. Then the surge of cases started to spike all around the world. In the United States, the threat of the virus is especially severe. As such, many events have been either canceled or postponed. Even the Olympia had to be shifted from September to December.
Now it appears that another important event in bodybuilding and strength sports has been affected by the global health crisis. It appears that the 2021 Arnold Sports Festival has been postponed until at the earliest May or June 2021.
The news of the show’s postponement was posted on the official Arnold Sports Festival website. The messaging reads as below:


The news should come as no surprise especially when you consider the cases of sickness have been increasing. Earlier this year, the 2020 Arnold Sports Festival Expo was canceled and now we have new information that events for The 2021 Arnold Sports Festival Australia will be canceled as Australia continues to close its border until the end of 2021. Still, for the Arnold Sports Festival to have to once again postpone, shows that this global health crisis is still a major issue to be taken seriously.

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Over the past 30 years, The Arnold Sports Festival has hosted over 20,000 athletes, more than 72 sports, and competitions including The Arnold Classic Bodybuilding Show, The Arnold Strongman Classic, powerlifting, and strength sports. Generation Iron has been front and center producing the live broadcast for the Arnold Sports Classic and The Arnold Strongman Classic featuring bodybuilders such as Kai Greene and strongmen such has Jerry Pritchett and Eddie Hall.
What do you make of the 2021 Arnold Sports Festival being postponed? We will have more updates from event organizers Bob and Jim Lorimer soon.

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