How Much Variation Does Your “Diet” Really Need Periodically?

Variation is important, but you have to keep some kind of structure as well! With the protein, just keep rotating the meat and fish you eat every 2-3 weeks, that will help your gut.
There are 3 reasons we need variation.
  • 1) Micronutrition due to our need for a lot of different vitamins and minerals. When we eat a wider variety of foods we get a broader range of micronutrients.
  • 2) To help us avoid becoming sensitive to foods by overconsuming the same thing, especially when it comes to meat, fish, and eggs. Varying your protein choices just helps keep the gut healthy and reduces your risk of becoming sensitive.

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  • 3) Mental stimulation will depend, some people are happily eating the same stuff every day, just like me. Other people mentally need more variety to stay interested. You have to go with what works for you.
These points show what variation really means and its importance of it. I think some people overcomplicate it and feel every meal of the week has to be different otherwise there isn’t enough variation. I keep a lot of my meals the same and adjust 1 to 2 from time to time just to mix it up. You can also opt-in and out of certain carb choices like pasta for rice, or berries for watermelon just to keep things interesting.

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