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Build Up “Crazy Shoulders” By Using Shoulder Pressing To Build Big Deltoids

I like to use all types of shoulder press movements to hit the anterior and medial deltoids, I think they all have a place in your training program

In the workouts I tend to use a lot of:

By rotating the overhead pressing movements it helps avoid plateaus in overload, which means you are naturally going to expose your deltoids to more stress consistently which is where we get to see growth happen.

However, one thing you will notice with the overhead pressing movements I recommend is they are generally all sitting down. Rarely will I use standing up variations, there are two good reasons for this… 

You are never going to be able to stabilize a big weight standing up so it limits your ability to overload the deltoids. “It isn’t all about strength, as you know, I don’t recommend chasing numbers. However, you do need to be able to consistently achieve overload with enough volume and I think standing up and pressing movements don’t really help you do that”.

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 This is the bigger reason actually… I think standing up pressing can expose your lower back and spine to a load of compression, especially if you’re trying to go heavier on the weights. “Also, as you load the weight up and press, you can over-extend your spine under load which makes you vulnerable to injury”. My mindset with training for myself and all of my email readers along with IFBNewsfeed.Org members is to think of long-term health. This is HUGE!

Stick with the seated overhead presses versus standing variants, even though people think standing up pressing is good for the core, I think the stress on the lower back isn’t worth it. “You can do extra ab work for the core, and the compound lifts you’re doing on other body parts will also develop this area of your body naturally anyway”.

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