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Use These “6 Best Advanced Training Principles” To Build Insane Rounded, Fuller, And Shredded Shoulders

Few people relish shoulder workouts but neglect them at your peril. Failure to broaden out up top will mean that no matter how many sit-ups you do or how many inches you lose from your waist, you’re not going to be able to carve out that coveted V-shape. To get that, you need shoulder exercises.

Not that working your shoulders is all about gains. In a study published in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy patients with rotator cuff-related shoulder pain saw significant improvements in pain and function thanks to three weeks of daily shoulder exercise.

“So for the good of your health, and to get you the best pump up top, we asked Personal Trainer and Strength coach Bigflex Dogg, as well as our own fitness editor, Jessica Burden, for some of their best shoulder exercises, which we then fashioned into an intense shoulder workout that builds muscle fast. The good news: if you’ve never really tested your shoulders before, gains will come quicker than anywhere else on your body. The bad news: our Ultimate Shoulder Workout isn’t for the faint of heart.

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It is important to strengthen all areas of the body. This is especially true for the shoulders because they are used constantly in everyday life.  Anything you do, from carrying grocery bags, washing your car, and even brushing and drying your hair involves the use of your shoulders and upper arms.

Sadly, doing these everyday tasks won’t tone them or increase their muscle size. That’s what these workouts are for!

“Add these shoulder toning exercises to your workouts, and your upper body physique will see an impressive transformation. A little muscle shape and definition can make all the difference when wearing those strappy summer tops”.

If you think about it, all the aesthetically appealing physiques have one thing in common – they have big and round shoulders. Boulder shoulders are the foundation of a solid V-Taper.

Bodybuilding is a game of illusions and having big and round shoulders can make your waistline look smaller. Apart from all the aesthetics, every woman wants a man who can lift her on his shoulders, and this should be enough motivation to get you working on your delts.

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Learn How Your Training Affects Your Muscles

Most people don’t understand how the exercises they perform affect their muscles. If your goal is to build size and strength you should focus on compound lifts. On the other hand, performing isolation exercises improves muscular conditioning.

Since we’re talking about building shoulder sizestrength, and conditioning, you’ll be following a workout program that maintains a balance between compound and isolation exercises.

Re-Structure Your Entire Training

You can’t take a training program-fits-all approach if you want to build boulder shoulders. You need to break down your shoulders into smaller muscle groups and train them as per your weaknesses.

If you have weaker rear delts, you should train them at the beginning of your workouts hitting them first with compound and then isolation lifts. Arriving at the perfect training split will take a lot of trial and error on your part.

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Club Your Shoulder Work With Other Muscle Groups

If you have weaker shoulders, you should consider training them at the end of other muscle group workouts. Make sure you have at least a couple of days rest before training your shoulders again. Think of these kinds of workouts as accessory work for your delts.

Shoulders are one muscle group that can fit perfectly with your other muscle workouts. As an example, you can train your traps and rear delts when you’re working your back. Exercises like the shoulder presses can be performed as supersets with incline chest presses.

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Make Compound Lifts Your Go-To

Shoulders are recruited in almost every exercise you perform. You have to be trying hard to keep them out of action. If you want your shoulders to bulge ASAP, you should perform compound exercises as often as you can in every workout.

So, the next time you have an option between wrist curls and a farmer’s walk, you know what to choose. Making these small (but hard) adjustments will pay you big dividends in the long run.

Use Advanced Training Principles

You can’t expect to see major changes in your physique if you’re following a vanilla training program. You need to do better than performing 5 exercises with 3 sets of 8-12 reps in your workouts.

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Advanced training principles like drop setssupersets, intraset stretching, BFR training, etc. are your best bet at shocking your muscles into growing. You can also tweak your rep scheme – the time taken to lift and lower weights – to add a new dimension to your results.

Just Lifting Weights Isn’t Going To Cut It

Most people overlook the variety factor when it comes to their workouts. Bodybuilding exercises aren’t the place to practice monogamy. Take your gains to the next level by incorporating bodyweight exercises like handstands, handstand pushups, and resistance band work.

While strength, size, and conditioning are important, they shouldn’t come at the price of flexibility, endurance, and mobility. Always be on the lookout to try new things to keep your muscles guessing.

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