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The “7 Best Muscle-Building Shoulder Exercises” You MUST Do In Your Delts Training Day

More than a fundamental component to a complete workout routine, the best shoulder exercises for men bring you one step closer to that desirable V-shape. Indeed, strengthening your delts gives the appearance of a slimmer waist while adding definition to your overall physique.

Furthermore, studies have determined that shoulder workouts relieve pain and decrease the possibility of future dislocations. When all is said and done, you want a better body and that alone is enough reason to hop on board.

Should shoulder muscles be new to your workout regiment, you’ll discover that these muscles develop rather quickly compared to other areas of your body. But, don’t take that to mean shoulder exercises are easy, plenty of gym junkies dread shoulder day at the gym, as the workout can get quite intense…presuming you’re doing it properly. “To ensure as much, we’ll take you through the 7 best shoulder exercises for men, but first, let’s figure out what shoulder muscles are”.

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Few men relish shoulder day, but you neglect them at your peril. Broadening out up top slims your waist to carve out that coveted V-shape and, because you’ve probably never properly tested them, gains will come quicker than anywhere else on your body. “For the best approach to pump up top for some of the best shoulder exercises, fashioned into an intense workout that builds muscle fast. Prepare to shoulder arms”.

 The exercises

  • 1- Barbell Standing Press

    This shoulder-building staple also works your whole body. “It’s a great overall mass builder,” says White. “These are really good for strengthening your core and increasing overall strength due to the stability aspect of this movement.” Start with your hardest move to ensure you’ve got the core strength to maintain perfect form.

  • 2- Seated Dumbbell Press

    Re-rack your barbell and grab a pair of dumbbells. They’re all you’ll need for the rest of the workout. Then grab a bench; sitting down helps isolate the shoulder motion. “These are really good for not only handling a lot of weight but also having the freedom of using dumbbells” White tells us. “You can bring them nice and low to get a really full range of motion.” Take a load off your feet and put a load on your shoulders

  • 3- Arnold Press

Named for their Mr. Universe-winning, Predator-killing inventor, the rotating motion at the end of this exercise hits more of your shoulder than the standard press to fill out that v-shape. “It’s a nice way to do a conventional press while adjusting the shoulder position to target the anterior deltoids,” says White. For the layman, that’s the front bit of your shoulders. Which will feel like they’ve been Terminated tomorrow

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  • 4- Lateral Raise

The slower you can perform these raises, the more they’ll hurt – and the better you’re going to look. “Lateral raises are perfect for isolating the medial part of the deltoid,” White explains. “They’re more commonly used with a lighter weight and higher reps.” You’ll still be gritting your teeth by the end of the third set.

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  • 5- Bent Over Reverse Fly

This lateral raise variant will hit you where it hurts, working both shoulders and back. White loves them. “It’s one of the best exercises for targeting the posterior deltoid. For more focus on the movement and less on stabilizing things, try placing a bench at 45 degrees and perform this movement lying face down on it.” Atlas-level shoulders are on the way

  • 6- Upright Row

“Another great mass builder,” says White. “Get your elbows higher than your hands for a peak contraction of the deltoid. The upright row also targets the traps.” Compound moves like this benefit from heavier fare than the raises, allowing for fewer reps and bigger weights to keep your shoulders in shock

  • 7- Front Raises

White recommends front raises to those that have gone through the routine and feel short-changed in the front. “It’s unlikely that your anterior delts need extra work, so spend more time on your medial and posterior deltoids. However, if you feel you want to hit your front deltoids harder, then a front raise is the one for you.” Again, low weight and high reps help you maintain form for shirt-busting gains.

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