The “3 Best Great Tips” For Better Shoulder Training And Development

If you want to know how I approach shoulder training you’re going to love this article.
  • 1 No Lockout with Overhead Press

On the overhead press with dumbbells, “I don’t lock out and touch the dumbbells above my head because that just puts tension on the triceps, away from the deltoids”. Instead, I keep pushing straight up as if I was using a barbell – without locking out completely. “At the bottom, I actually come down pretty low and get a great stretch on the deltoids”.
Too many people lift weights they can’t really handle, so they end up shortening their range of motion, so they don’t come down low enough. Don’t make this mistake!
  • 2 Keep The Tension

All the muscles need time under tension, right? With the deltoids it is easy to lose the tension, especially with isolation exercises because the traps usually take over – this is especially true if you go too heavy and swing too much. “You can cut the range of motion a little shorter with deltoid isolation exercises just to keep the tension on the muscle”.

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  • 3 Target The Outer Head
“The outer head of the deltoids is really where you create width. This is why I love exercises such as behind-the-back side lateral cable raises. This is a unique angle to really hit the outer head which also removes momentum and anterior deltoid involvement. If you want to build big dominating deltoids, you need to get that width”.

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