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Sleep Pattern Research: This Is How “Your Sleep Position Influences Your Overall Health”

The best night’s sleep is directly correlated with how you sleep. Whether you sleep on your back, stomach, facing left or right, it may seem a small detail but it contributes to issues like back pain, snoring, and waking up at night.

To help you understand how your sleep impacts your body and the health issues that seemingly healthy sleeping positions can trigger, we have put together this brief analysis. We will also let you know the best sleeping position, which will help you wake up fresh and energized.

Stay tuned so you too may find out how to get the best sleep!

1. Sleeping on Your Belly

Many folks do not acknowledge that it is, in fact, bad to sleep on their stomach. This position may actually be behind restlessness and nights of tossing and turning, looking to get comfortable.

Besides, it can also hurt your neck and lower back. So, if you really think this is a habit you cannot quit, you would do well to support your neck with a thin pillow.

2. Sleeping on Your Back

Sleeping on your back is not only one of the most comfortable ways to sleep but also the best sleeping position that many professionals recommend.

When sleeping on your back, you should preferably keep your legs fully stretched and your neck supported by a soft pillow.

But unfortunately, it is not the best sleeping position for lower back pain, as you may find it uncomfortable.

It is also one of the worst sleep positions for snoring because it opens up the chest and facilitates the condition. If you’re a natural back sleeper, ask your doctor for recommendations; they might suggest using pillows to help you sleep on your back.

3. Sleeping on Your Side

If you sleep on your side (be it left or right), you are amongst the majority of the world population. There are many variations to side sleeping, with many people believing there is a better side to sleep on or that your limbs should fold a certain way.

Most seem to favor the fetal as the best side sleeping position, especially women. This is likely because it is one of the most comfortable sleeping positions. The fetal sleeping position is when you bring your knees slightly up to your chest and sleep with a hand (or two) under your head.

When it comes to sleeping on one’s side, spooning is worth mentioning. While it may cause you to wake up a couple of times during the night, it also makes the body release a chemical that helps with stress and falling asleep faster.

There are many variations to the main sleeping positions, some odder than others. And while there are plenty of side effects for each, the absolute best way to guarantee a good night’s sleep is to follow your body’s lead when seeking comfort.

The mattress you spend the night on can also have a significant impact on the quality of your sleep. Ideally, you should have one that is firm enough to support your back and spine without becoming too uncomfortable.

It is always best to check with your doctor if you suffer from any conditions like snoring, back or shoulder pain, and acid reflux, as they will advise the best way for you to sleep.

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