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Here Are The “10 Workout Excuses”: Stupid Reasons Not to Workout Today

You’re always just one excuse away from skipping the gym. Going to the gym and training every day of the week is hard while sitting on the couch and making up an excuse to miss the workout is super easy.

Here are the 10 Best Workout Excuses to Miss the Gym

If you’re going to miss the gym, we thought we’ll help you find good excuses to add to your arsenal. Be generous and share these excuses with your friends so you can skip the gym together and leave the gym for the serious ones.

One More Episode

Binge watching is one of the growing reasons why people miss their workouts. While it might be tempting to watch the next episode of 13 Reasons Why and uncover why Hannah killed herself, killing those extra calories is more important.

It’s Raining

Or it’s too cold, hot, foggy. You need to realize there are no recommended weather conditions to train. If you travel in your own vehicle, getting around in any weather shouldn’t be a problem. For people who use public transport, an Uber is always around the corner.

I’m Tired

The good old “I’m tired” excuse is responsible for hundreds of people missing their workout every day throughout the world. Supplements like stimulated pre-workouts invalidate this excuse. Even a cup of coffee can pump you up for your workout.

It’s Late

It is never too late to workout. Most gyms these days are open till late at night and some are even open 24X7. If you feel you’re running late and won’t be able to get in your normal 2-hour workout, cut short your routine by using super and drop-sets.

I Have to Hang Out with Friends/Family

This is a common excuse for people who workout in the evening. If the chillout can’t be moved to a rest day, try hitting the gym a little early than usual or after you hang out with your friends.

Too Much Work

If the presidents and prime-ministers can make the time to train, so can you. A fit lifestyle can help you get more done in your work life. Work and hitting the gym don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Working out will help you do more with better focus and stamina in the office.

A Day Off Can’t Hurt

Some people take the liberty of missing a workout after they’ve trained for 2-3 days in a row. If you’re not an advanced lifter or athlete, skipping a day can take you back in your fitness journey.

My Workout Partner is Busy

Have you ever noticed people miss the gym in groups? If one person in the team skips the workout, the other follows him. This is why you should choose your training partner carefully. Bodybuilding and fitness isn’t a team sport, it’s an individual sport, so always be ready to train alone.

I’m Out of Supplements

Some people miss their workouts because they’re out of their pre-workout or protein supplements. A pre-workout can be replaced with a caffeinated drink and a protein shake with a fast-digesting high-protein meal like fish.

It’s Not My Usual Time

Most people go to the gym at a certain time every day. For some reason, if you can’t train at the same time, be open to working out at a different time. Training at a different time will only benefit you as it’ll come as a shock to your muscles. Use this as an opportunity.

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