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Longevity: Increase Life Expectancy By “Eating These Healthy Foods” Recommended By Dietitians

All throughout time, people have sought out miracle potions and dieting to help them live long and healthy lives. And as it turns out, some recent research appears to have discovered precisely how to increase life expectancy.

The good people of Helfgott Research Institute learned that a certain combination of foods can increase your longevity by more than three years in just a couple of months. And granted that a balanced diet is important, other healthy lifestyle habits were also encouraged, like exercising, sleeping plenty, and taking supplements.

1. How does the regimen work?

The initiative was created to focus on a biological mechanism known as DNA methylation, or rather its patterns. These have been found to be indicative of life expectancy. These patterns are what is thought to be behind the aging phenomenon. Which in turn are a result of damage and loss of function in cells and organs of the human body.

Healthy daily habits, be it dietary or exercise, are known to selectively change DNA methylation. Certain foods and chemicals are even able to have such an influence that one can foresee aging-related conditions.

2. What foods can help increase life expectancy?

The researchers conducted an eight-week trial, in which a highly precise diet was devised. It included weekly doses of 9 oz of liver and 5-10 eggs.

The participants were also told to consume two cups of dark greens (such as spinach or kale), two cups of cruciferous vegetables (such as Brussel sprouts and broccoli), three cups of any other vegetables (with the exception of corn and potatoes), and a beet or two per day.

Along with all these foods, participants were told to have four tablespoons of pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

They should also have a daily serving of berries, a sprinkle of turmeric and rosemary, two garlic cloves, and a few cups of oolong or green tea.

As for proteins, they were required to consume 6 oz of organic, grass-fed, animal proteins and a couple of servings of fruits low on sugar.

Besides this detailed account, they were instructed to have organic items whenever possible and to stay hydrated. Healthy oils (like olive, coconut, or flaxseed) were also encouraged, as well as other good sources of fat. Participants were even asked to eat only between 7 am and 7 pm and to limit the usage of plastic containers.

3. Complementing the diet

As if the hardcore diet was not enough, to successfully slow down aging exercise must be taken into account. More specifically, a minimum of 30 minutes each day, resting only 2 days per week. Furthermore, these were meant to be moderate to high effort workouts, with no yoga or dog walks allowed.

Participants also took plant-based supplements and probiotics every day. These increased good bacteria in the intestine, promoting better digestive health.

The last of the anti-aging secrets was a healthy pattern of sleep. The minimum was 7 hours each night.

And if the rest was not enough, researchers also employed breathing techniques to help manage stress.

It sure did seem to work out for the participants. How about you try this for yourself? Let us know how it turned out down in the comments.

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