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IFBB Puerto Rico Pro: “2021 IFBB Puerto Rico Pro Competitor List Revealed” And Preview

This weekend’s Puerto Pro will showcase some of the best of the best in the IFBB. The Men’s Open Bodybuilding division features some of the top pros in the game today. Competitors have a great chance to showcase their abilities and physiques at this Olympia qualifier.

Akim Williams vs Hassan Mostafa

Akim Williams in particular has a great opportunity here. Williams has been showcasing a pretty incredible physique in the off-season. With competitors like Hassan Mostafa ready to battle for a spot at the Olympia, Williams will have his hands full.

Hassan Mostafa may have fallen short in the previous two competitions, but his willingness and determination is pushing him forward. Akim Williams will have to be diligent if he hopes to secure his position at the Olympia.

Competitor List

With ten divisions competing at this show, plenty of athletes will be battling to earn their ticket to the Olympia. Below is the full competitors’ list for the 2021 Puerto Rico Pro.

Men’s Open

  • Eddie Bracamontes (US)
  • Jamie Christian-Johal (United Kingdom)
  • Camilo Diaz (US)
  • Dorian Haywood US)
  • Theo Leguerrier (France)
  • William Martins (Brazil)
  • Hassan Mostafa (Egypt)
  • Andrea Muzi (Italy)
  • Andrea Presti (Italy)
  • Mohamed Shaaban (US)
  • Robin Strand (Canada)
  • Akim Williams (US)

212 Division

  • Piotr Borecki (Poland)
  • Gaetano Cisternino Jr. (US)
  • Isaiah Hawthorne (US)
  • Boas Henrique Oliveira (Brazil)
  • Robert Taylor (United Kingdom)

Classic Physique

  • Sam Adiki (US)
  • Neil Currey (United Kingdom)
  • Christopher Hunte (US)
  • Gregory Kerr (US)
  • John Small (US)
  • Herbert Surita (Puerto Rico)

2021 IFBB Puerto Rico Pro Competitor List Revealed
Men’s Physique

  • Todd Love Ball Jr. (US)
  • Alessandro Cavagnola (Italy)
  • Dani Dal (US)
  • Raynor Ferguson (US)
  • Anthony Gilkes (US)
  • Alex Hessam (US)
  • Mehdi Kabbadj (US)
  • Luis Leon (Costa Rica)
  • Diogo Montenegro (Brazil)
  • Alan Olvera (US)
  • Darrell Rabess (United Kingdom)
  • Victor Ramirez (Costa Rica)
  • Ramses Rams (Spain)
  • Scott Schulze (US)
  • Franklin Turner (US)
  • Eric Wildberger (Brazil)

Women’s Bodybuilding

  • Nadia Capotosto (Italy)
  • Susanna Jacobs (US)
  • Jennifer Sweeney (US)

Fitness Division

  • Anna Chism (US)
  • Debbie Fowler (US)
  • Tamara Vahn (Canada)
  • Derina Wilson (US)

Figure Division

  • Jessica Belt (US)
  • Luana Carparelli (Italy)
  • Theresa Dekker-Buie (US)
  • Analia Galeano (Argentina)
  • Jacquelyn Hurry (US)
  • Jennifer Iritano (US)
  • Desiree Jackson (US)
  • Karrie Kallbach (US)
  • Kristen McGregor (Jamaica)
  • Samantha Mills (US)
  • Brittanie Molina (US)
  • Jessica Reyes Padilla (Puerto Rico)
  • Danielle Rose (US)
  • Lauren Roussel (US)
  • Laura Saccomoni (Paraguay)
  • Erin Thomson (Scotland)
  • Sheena Wilson (US)

Bikini Divison

  • Elisangela Angell (Brazil)
  • Milena Bonio (United Kingdom)
  • Dulce Cristal Lopez Castellanos (US)
  • Mayra Yudith Rocha Hernandez (Mexico)
  • Lauren Huddleston (US)
  • Maria Julia Lemos (Brazil)
  • Ottavia Mazza (Italy)
  • Abbi Gaetano (US)
  • Shelby Pierce (US)
  • Stella Roberts (US)
  • Alexandria Ross (US)
  • Cristane Silveira (Brazil)
  • Whitney Spence (US)
  • Francesca Stocia (Italy)

Women’s Physique

  • Rachel Aronson (US)
  • Cindy Baggelaar-Reyes (US)
  • Christina Bitner (US)
  • Teresa Brooks (US)
  • Daphney Carter (US)
  • Alejandra Chacon (Spain)
  • Tanya Chartrand (Canada)
  • Marysel Cruz Cruz (Puerto Rico)
  • Heather Grace (US)
  • Ann Gruber (US)
  • Katherine Hall (US)
  • Kiera Hall (US)
  • Jennifer Jaques (US)
  • Marcel Mayfield (US)
  • Stacey Nunez (US)
  • Rebecca Short (US)
  • Jennifer Singleton (US)
  • Aubrey Whitley (US)
  • Julia Whitesel (US)
  • Candice Willmore (US)
  • Margita Zamolova (Czech Republic)
  • Elisama Manuel Benta Zorzetto (Brazil)

Wellness Division

  • Jennifer Bryant (US)
  • Devyn Cambre (US)
  • Julia Chitarra (Brazil)
  • Casey Delong (US)
  • Ellis Gonzalez (US)
  • McKayla Measner (US)
  • Lori Penn (US)
  • Lorena Ragusa (US)
  • Katherine Lebroon Virola (Puerto Rico)
  • Kenea Yancey (US)

With only a few more shows that will allow competitors to qualify for the Olympia, this show is a major one. Who do you think will win at the Puerto Rico Pro?

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