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Is “The 2021 Arnold Classic UK Winner” Nathan De Asha Out Of 2021 Mr. Olympia?

Nathan De Asha is just days from his victory at the Arnold Classic UK. Following the event, rumors have surfaced that De Asha will not be able to compete at the upcoming Olympia in Orlando. Nathan De Asha might not be on stage during the biggest competition of the year.

De Asha qualified for the biggest event of the year after winning the Europa Pro back in August. This was his first event since 2019 and there were expectations as he was returning to the Olympia stage.

This is because Nathan De Asha has not yet been granted a U.S. Visa to get into the country. He would not be able to make it to Florida for the event if this happens. This has been an issue recently but other competitors, such as James Hollingshead and Hadi Choopan, have been able to make it over in time to prepare for the competition.

This stems from legal trouble De Asha got involved in during COVID-19. During the shutdown, gyms were unable to remain open. De Asha kept his open and this caused run-ins with law enforcement. He was fined and would receive more if he kept his doors open. He did keep his doors open and was allegedly holding gym members throughout the shutdown. De Asha was also ordered to pay back money for sales of illegal steroids.

Nathan De Asha has yet to officially announce this himself but it is all lining up for him to miss the upcoming Olympia. He was able to win the Arnold Classic UK last weekend in his home country and this was a priority. De Asha did not receive information about flights or his status coming to America prior to competing in England.

This win at the Arnold Classic UK qualified De Asha to compete in the 2022 Olympia. Because of this, he might not prioritize this year’s show and he could take the extra time to sort out his legal situation.

Nathan De Asha last appeared at the Olympia in 2018, where he finished eighth. It is unknown when we will see him on stage again but it will likely be once these other matters are figured out.

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