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2023 Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Show Results: Hunter Labrada Wins “2023 Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Show”. And He Is Headed Out To The “2023 Mr. Olympia Competition”

The 2023 Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Show was held on the weekend of Aug. 4-5 in Tampa, FL, and it featured 10 IFBB Pro League divisions over the course of the two days. Along with the title of Tampa Pro champion, every division awarded the winner a 2023 Olympia Weekend qualification.

The 2023 Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Show began on Friday night August 4th, 2023 in Tampa, Florida with six of the 10 divisions handing out tickets to the 2023 Olympia. The finals culminated on Saturday, August 5th, 2023 with the other four divisions in bodybuilding. The event featured Men’s Open, 212 Bodybuilding, Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, Women’s Bodybuilding, Women’s Physique, Figure, Fitness, Bikini, and the Wellness division.

The weekend’s main event was the Men’s Open show, which saw Hunter Labrada win his second Tampa Pro title. Jonathan DeLaRosa came in second, and Lewis Breed came in third. Keep reading for full results in all 10 divisions.

2023 Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Show Results

Below are the complete results across all 10 divisions.
Men’s Open Division

  1. Hunter Labrada (USA)
  2. Jonathan DeLaRosa (USA)
  3. Lewis Breed (UAE)
  4. Joel Thomas (USA)
  5. Brady King (USA)
  6. Roy Evans (USA)
  7. Nathan Spear (USA)
  8. Fred Smalls (USA)

212 Bodybuilding Division

  1. Fabricio de Souza Moreira (Brazil)
  2. Mohamed Embaby (Egypt)
  3. Diego Montoya (USA)
  4. Jason Nguyen (Canada)
  5. Robert Taylor (England)
  6. Kevin Johnson (USA)
  7. Toto Djong (USA)
  8. Yumon Eaton (USA)
  9. Leland DeVaughn Jr. (USA)
  10. David Robinson (USA)
  11. Pedro Encinosa (USA)
  12. Isaiah Hawthorne (USA)*
  13. Rachid Souki (USA) *


Classic Physique Division

  1. Matthew Greggo (USA)
  2. Carlos Dommar (USA)
  3. Robert Waterhouse (England)
  4. Lucas Giaianni (USA)
  5. Camilio Diaz Garzon (USA)
  6. Jerark Toribio Perez (USA)
  7. Dino Estrada (USA)
  8. Jared Thompson (USA)
  9. Caleb Walker (USA)
  10. Peter Sciallo (USA)
  11. Ivan Cabrera (USA)
  12. Logan Guthrie (USA)
  13. Amit Roy (USA)
  14. Lucas di Santi (USA)
  15. Kelvin Hinde (UK)

Tied for 16th

  • Krimo Ammari (UAE)
  • Dylan Bursey (Canada)
  • Rodrigo Coelho (Brazil)
  • Billy Danh (Canada)
  • Corelle Draper (USA)
  • Keith Holmes (USA)
  • Christopher Mensah (USA)
  • Eslam Mohamed (USA)
  • Jesse Norris (USA)
  • Antwoine Powers (USA)
  • Caleb Robinson (USA)
  • Bennett Streets (USA)
  • George Thibault (USA)

Men’s Physique Division

  1. Arya Saffaie (USA)
  2. Jeremiah Maxey (USA)
  3. Alexander Toplyn (USA)
  4. Kimani Victor (USA)
  5. Deke Walker (USA)
  6. John Stanley Sarmiento (USA)
  7. Aroldson Etienne (USA)
  8. Jemiase (Jay) Riggins (USA)
  9. Steven Cao (USA)
  10. Burak King (USA)
  11. Irving Steele (USA)
  12. Alexander Rogers (USA)
  13. Avery Saunders (USA)
  14. Mitch Starr (Wales)
  15. Jonathan Smith (USA)

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Tied for 16th

  • Aundre Benson (USA)
  • Tristan Van der Bijl (South Africa)
  • Denzel Bridges (USA)
  • Danna Chinn (USA)
  • Brad Estadt (USA)
  • Diego Garcia (Mexico)
  • Jason Hazzard (USA)
  • Jibrael Hindi (USA)
  • James Johnson (USA)
  • Hosea Murphy (USA)
  • Ron Riley (USA)
  • Denny Singh (USA)
  • Alvinson Soliana (Netherlands)
  • Daniel Sosa (USA)
  • Leon Lloyd Spence (USA)
  • Harlan Taylor Jr. (USA)
  • Serge Victor (USA)
  • Nathanael Voltaire (USA)

Women’s Bodybuilding Division

  1. Michaela Aycock (USA)
  2. Nicki Chartrand (Canada)
  3. Theresa Ivancik (USA)
  4. Kyna Squarey (Canada)
  5. Julia Foery (Switzerland)
  6. Selyka Givan (USA)
  7. Cristina Arellano Goy (USA)
  8. Taylor Iraggi (USA)
  9. Patty Corbett (USA)
  10. Gabriela Pena De La Vega (USA)
  11. Maria Monica Vega (USA)
  12. Michelle Dornon (USA)*
  13. LaDawn McDay (USA)*
  14. Christine Porter (USA)
  15. Andrea J. Wellington (USA)

*Tied for 12th

Women’s Physique Division

  1. Jeannie Feldman (USA)
  2. Ivie Rhein (USA)
  3. Robyn Mays (USA)
  4. Mikaela Lindsey (USA)
  5. Marika Jones (USA)
  6. Heather Rigsby (USA)
  7. Isabelle Jackson (USA)
  8. Daphney Holmes (USA)
  9. Kristyn Lia (Australia)
  10. Patricia Pizarro (Peru)
  11. Marie Berouskova (USA)
  12. Katharine Younger (USA)
  13. Diana Schnaidt (USA)
  14. Melanie Horton (Canada)
  15. Cindy Reyes (USA)

Tied for 16th

  • Lisa Arnold (USA)
  • Virginia Macon (USA)
  • Tanya Sablic (Canada)

Fitness Division 

  1. Allison Kramer (USA)
  2. Aurika Tyrgale (Russia)
  3. Kristin Pope (USA)
  4. Stacy Dawn (USA)
  5. Anna Fomina (USA)
  6. Stephanie Jones (USA)
  7. Michelle Gales (USA)
  8. Donnice Chow (USA)
  9. Danielle Chikeles (USA)
  10. Eileen Thomas (USA)
  11. Corina Harkelroad (USA)
  12. Ashley Bisson (USA)
  13. Layla Mikayla (USA)
  14. Victoria Grove (USA)
  15. Andy Borneman (USA)

Figure Division 

  1. Queren Pacheco (Mexico)
  2. Oyku Basar (Turkey)
  3. Lena Ramsteiner (Germany)
  4. Mariafernanda Laguna (Mexico)
  5. Danielle Rose (USA)
  6. Tamera Barrett (USA)
  7. Corrie Morales (USA)
  8. Edith Driver (USA)
  9. Jennifer Johnson (USA)
  10. Zulfiya Bitiyeva (Kazakhstan)
  11. Amie Mock (USA)
  12. Andre Arceneaux (USA)
  13. Mariana Staccioli (USA)
  14. Constance Jones (USA)
  15. Kaylee Walker (USA)

Tied for 16th

  • Tonya Brookter (USA)
  • Raquel Clarke (USA)
  • Kim Golembiewski (USA)
  • Kelsey Newby (USA)

Bikini Division 

  1. Ashlynn Little (USA)
  2. Arianna Brothers (USA)
  3. Tatiana Lanovenko (Russia)
  4. India Paulino (USA)
  5. Jordan Brannon (USA)
  6. Liana Giannamore (USA)
  7. Tamekia Carter (USA)
  8. Sandra Merlo (Argentina)
  9. Lauren Dannenmiller (USA)
  10. Mary Ann Parks (USA)
  11. Janine Herrera (USA)
  12. Samantha Minshull (United Kingdom)
  13. Gallia Vega (USA)
  14. Kerryne Henich (USA)
  15. Marta Aguiar (Uruguay)

Tied for 16th

  • Sophia Bernard (USA)
  • Kristiana Brush (USA)
  • Jessica Dexter (USA)
  • Dalila Kindermann (USA)
  • Vanessa Kollcaku (USA)
  • Ashley Marie Lee (USA)
  • Emma MacDougall (Canada)
  • Vanesa Ocana (Argentina)
  • Christine O’Malley (USA)
  • Fatimah Ray (USA)
  • Karene Richards-Wise (USA)
  • Kerri Jeanne Simas (USA)

Wellness Division 

  1. Rayane Fogal (Brazil)
  2. Andrea Hrenko (USA)
  3. Marissa Andrews (USA)
  4. Quintaysia Goodley (USA)
  5. Angela White (USA)
  6. Devyn Cambre (USA)
  7. Maria Paulette (Spain)
  8. Luz Stella Abinuman (USA)
  9. Yami Partridge (USA)
  10. Kim O’Connell (USA)
  11. Sara Rodriguez (USA)
  12. Erewa Uku (USA)


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Men’s Open Winner — Hunter Labrada

This is Hunter Labrada’s third pro win, and he made a big statement at this contest. This was arguably his best look and performance since he debuted at the Tampa Pro in 2020. He is scheduled to compete in the Texas Pro later in August, but now that he has an Olympia qualification, he may pass. Jon DeLaRosa also looked impressive in this show, scoring his second straight runner-up finish.

212 Bodybuilding Winner — Fabricio de Souza Moreira

Fabricio de Souza Moreira of Brazil scored what some could consider an upset by taking the 212 win over Mohamed Embaby. The judges had no doubts when determining the winner, however.

Fabricio de Souza secured straight first-place votes on the scorecards, now making him eligible to face defending Olympia 212 champion Shaun Clarida in Orlando.

Classic Physique Winner — Matthew Greggo

You may recognize this name. Matthew Greggo took fourth place at the 2022 Tampa Pro in fourth in Men’s Physique. After switching to Classic Physique in 2023, he grew into his larger physique and won his first show in his fourth attempt. If Greggo cashes in his Classic Physique Olympia qualification, it’ll be his first time stepping onto the Olympia stage.

Coming in second and third were Carlos Dommar and Robert Waterhouse, respectively.

Men’s Physique Winner — Arya Saffaie

Ten-year pro Arya Saffaie made his 2023 debut at the Tampa Pro, and he took the win, redeeming himself from a third-place finish in the 2022 edition. He’s now eligible to compete in the Olympia for the eighth time.

Except for the 2015 and 2018 seasons, in which he didn’t compete, he’s earned an Olympia invite every year that he has stepped onstage. Jeremiah Maxey was the runner-up in this contest, and third place went to Alexander Toplyn.

Women’s Bodybuilding Winner — Michaela Aycock

The Women’s Bodybuilding champion of the Tampa Pro is Michaela Aycock, who held off both Nicki Chartrand and Theresa Ivancik to clinch the win and qualification for the 2023 Ms. Olympia.

Ivancik managed to take third place by one point over fourth-place finisher Kyna Squarey. Aycock will now hope to improve on her sixth-place finish at the 2022 Ms. Olympia.

Women’s Physique Winner — Jeannie Feldman

The 2022 Tampa Pro Women’s Physique winner Jeannie Feldman was the defending champion going into this show, and she made short work of becoming a two-time champion. She earned a perfect score from the judges and is one-for-one in her 2023 season. If she competes in the Olympia, it will be her fourth career appearance. Ivie Rhein finished in second place, and third place went to Robin Mays.

Fitness Winner — Allison Kramer

The Fitness division is judged differently than the other divisions. Physique only counts for one-third of the score, while the acrobatic routine counts for two-thirds.

Allison Kramer sat in third during the opening round, but she convincingly won the Physique round to take the win. Aurika Tyrgale of Russia finished the show in second place, and rounding out the top three was Kristin Pope.

Figure Winner — Queren Pacheco

Mexico’s Queren Pacheco made her first appearance in three years at this contest, and she leaves with her first career win. The 11-year veteran can now compete in the Figure Olympia for the first time. This was undoubtedly the best version of her physique that she’s presented since beginning her pro career in 2012. Oyku Basar and Lena Ramsteiner rounded out the top three.

Bikini Winner — Ashlynn Little

Ashlynn Little didn’t have to travel far for this contest. The Miami, FL native is now the 2023 Tampa Pro Bikini winner and qualified for the Bikini Olympia in Orlando.

Arianna Brothers made the contest interesting because she got first-place votes, but it wasn’t enough to defeat Little. The third-place finisher in this competition was Tatiana Lanovenko.

Wellness Winner — Rayane Fogal

Rayane Fogal was one of two competitors in this lineup from outside the United States, but she showed why her home country is considered the birthplace of Wellness. She has won her first contest of 2023, her second straight win overall. She qualified for the 2022 Wellness Olympia, but she didn’t compete. If she does in 2023, it will be her debut on the Olympia stage. Andrea Hrenko took the second place spot, and Marissa Andrews claimed third place.

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