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IFBB California Pro: Patrick Moore Wins “2021 California Pro Bodybuilding Show” And Qualifies For 2021 Mr. Olympia

This is Patrick Moore’s second victory at this contest, and he’s now qualified for the 2021 Mr. Olympia which will take place in Miami, Florida this year. 

The 2021 California Pro — the third Men’s Open pro show to take place — has wrapped. Patrick Moore walked away with first place and a ticket to the 2021 Mr. Olympia. For the last few years, Moore has been under the wing of seven-time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath. Clearly, the knowledge he has gained from Heath has helped him in recent years. In 2019, Moore won the California Pro and placed 10th at that year’s Olympia. It was a promising season for the up-and-comer who took some time off to add size and rebuild his body.

The event took place in Anaheim, CA, on May 30, and even though the competitors saw Moore coming this time, there was nothing that anyone could do to stop him from winning. Here are the full results from the 2021 California Pro.

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2021 California Pro Men’s Open Results

  1. Patrick Moore
  2. Mohamed Shaaban
  3. Hassan Mostafa
  4. Mohamed El Amem
  5. Eddie Bracamontes
  6. An Nguyen
  7. Camilo Diaz
  8. Fred Smalls
  9. Stephen Frazier
  10. Dorian Abrams

2021 California Pro Men’s Open Breakdown

If you’re a little out of the loop, here’s a quick rundown of the 2021 California Pro top three.

Patrick Moore

Moore may have been the biggest anyone has seen him since he turned pro. His conditioning was on point as well, making him the clear favorite in the eyes of the judges for both prejudging and the finals. Moore’s arms and shoulders normally stand out onstage, but it was the overall look that secured the win for him in 2021.

Mohamed Shaaban

Shaaban has big stage experience. Like Moore, he took part in 2019, Mr. Olympia. While he showed signs of improvement at this contest, the judges saw fit to give the edge to Moore. Out of the three competitors in this contest from Egypt, Shaaban placed the highest.

Hassan Mostafa

Mostafa is coming off a third-place finish at the 2021 New York Pro (won by Nick Walker). The toll of traveling and competing in another show so close may have affected his peak at this contest. The good news is that he adds more points to his tally on the Olympia scoring system. This placing increases the odds of securing an Olympia qualification should he not win a show before the cutoff date of Sept. 12, 2021.

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Contests Yet to Come

The season is far from over. With the California Pro in the books, here are the Men’s Open shows on the 2021 schedule as of this writing. There are scheduled contests after the Spain event, but any show after Sept. 12 qualifies athletes for the 2022 Olympia. The Europa Pro will be the last chance to dance in Orlando this year.

  • Puerto Rico Open — June 26-27, Nassau, Bahamas
  • Mr. Big Evolution — July 16-18 Estoril, Portugal
  • Chicago Pro — July 23-24, Atlanta, GA (Moved Due to COVID-19 Regulations)
  • Tampa Pro — August 6-7, Tampa, FL
  • Texas Pro — August 13-14, Irving, TX
  • Europa Pro — August 15, Spain (City not Announced as of this writing)

The 2021 Olympia will take place from Oct. 7-10 in Orlando, FL. There, athletes will contend with the returning champ, Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay.

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