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“IFBB Pro 2021 Arnold Classic UK Results”

The 2021 Arnold Classic UK took place on Saturday in Birmingham, England. This comes one week after the 2021 Arnold Classic in Columbus, OH saw Nick Walker take home the title in Men’s Open. There were event more titles handed out this time around. Here are the full results from the 2021 Arnold Classic UK.

Heading into the competition, Nathan De Asha was the favorite to take home the prize. De Asha is already qualified to compete at the Olympia, which will take place from Oct. 7-10 in Orlando. This is a warmup for the biggest event of the year.

Tim Budesheim and Samson Dauda were dark-horse contenders heading into the show. This show was full of talent all over the stage. There was a clear top-tier of competition and they did not disappoint.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was unable to make the trip to the England because of an apparent leg injury. He was still part of the show in some capacity virtually throughout.

There was a total of five divisions competing in this event — Men’s Open, Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, Bikini, and Fitness. The results have been announced and they can be found below.

Arnold Classic UK 2021 Winners

  • Men’s Open: Nathan De Asha
  • Classic Physique: Michael Daboul
  • Men’s Physique: Ryan Terry
  • Fitness: Shelly Mensah
  • Bikini: Phoebe Hagan

Arnold Classic UK 2021 Breakdown

Men’s Open

  • First Place – Nathan De Asha
  • Second Place – Samson Dauda
  • Third Place – Theo Leguerrier
  • Fourth Place – Patrick Johnson
  • Fifth Place – Krystian Wolski

Classic Physique

Full Results coming soon!

  • First Place – Michael Daboul
  • Second Place – Shane Cullen
  • Third Place – Valentine Petrov
  • Fourth Place – Vincent Craine
  • Fifth Place – Jack Connor

Men’s Physique

Full Results coming soon!

  • First Place – Ryan Terry
  • Second Place – Ryan John Baptiste
  • Third Place – Xiao Long Hong
  • Fourth Place – Emil Walker
  • Fifth Place – Ramone Lanceford


Full Results coming soon!

  • First Place – Shelly Mensah
  • Second Place – Kate Errington


Results coming soon!

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