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“IFBB Pro 2021 Nashville Night Of Champions Results”

The 2021 Nashville Night Of Champions took place on Saturday in Chattanooga, TN. Robert Wichman headlined the event winning Classic Physique. Robert Wichman wins Classic Physique at the 2021 Nashville Night Of Champions.

Wichman returned to stage on Saturday and put on quite the show. He finished first in 2019 during both the NPC National Championships and NPC Worldwide Amateur Olympia. He also finished first on Saturday in the Classic Physique 35+ division. Courtney English took home the title in the Men’s Physique 35+.

The full results have been announced from the event. There were a total of five divisions at the Nashville Night Of Champions with winners crowned in each division. Below, you can find a full breakdown of the event!

Nashville Night Of Champions Winners

  • Classic Physique: Robert Wichman
  • Classic Physique 35+: Robert Wichman
  • Men’s Physique 35+: Courtney English
  • Fitness: Allison Kramer
  • Figure 35+: Stephanie Koerber

Nashville Night Of Champions Breakdown

Classic Physique

  • First Place – Robert Wichman
  • Second Place – Brandon Williams
  • Third Place – Jordan Plantiko
  • Fourth Place – Domenick DiBenedetto
  • Fifth Place – Tyler Tallent
  • Sixth Place – Jorge Tabet Aleixandre

Classic Physique 35+

  • First Place – Robert Wichman
  • Second Place – Brandon Williams
  • Third Place – Aaron Sparenberg
  • Fourth Place – Mark Gates
  • Fifth Place – Timothy Kilow
  • Sixth Place – Ronald Cartmell

Men’s Physique 35+

  • First Place – Courtney English
  • Second Place – Michael E. Anderson
  • Third Place – Rodney Bond
  • Fourth Place – Toby Gordin
  • Fifth Place – James Yates
  • Sixth Place – Remon Smith


  • First Place – Allison Kramer
  • Second Place – Danielle Chikeles
  • Third Place – Stephanie Jones
  • Fourth Place – Stacy Dawn
  • Fifth Place – Minna Pajulahti
  • Sixth Place – Sally Kendall-Williams

Figure 35+

  • First Place – Stephanie Koerber
  • Second Place – Stephanie Santamaria
  • Third Place – Sherrie Bingham
  • Fourth Place – Megan Simpson
  • Fifth Place – Carolyn Kimmel
  • Sixth Place – Wendy Milhorn

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