Hall Of Fame And Bodybuilding Icon, Kai Greene Recommends Eating “Every 2 Hours” Like A Machine “If You Want To Get Big”

Kai Greene is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder and personal trainer from Brooklyn, New York, who has become an icon in the bodybuilding world. He was born on July 12, 1975, and was raised in foster care.

Kai Greene entered gyms after a teacher suggested he take up bodybuilding. Kai Greene began training in high school and became a bulked-up man who wanted to enter the legendary Mr. Olympia challenge. Kai Greene has been dating fellow bodybuilder Dayana Cadeau since 2007.

What bodybuilding competitions has Kai Greene won?

Kai Greene has won two New York Pro competitions, and the prestigious Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic three times, in 2009, 2010, and 2016.

He competed at the biggest competition on earth, Mr Olympia, six times.

He never won Mr Olympia, but was runner-up in 2012, 2013, and 2014, behind Phil Heath.

If you’ve ever Googled “how to get bigger biceps”, chances are you’ve come across Kai Greene somewhere on the internet. The famed bodybuilder doesn’t exactly have a superhero physique, but rather the physique the superheroes are afraid of, the one that required the re-formation of The Avengers in order to try and defeat.

A regular at Venice Beach’s famed Gold’s Gym, Kai Greene’s career has taken him from the bench press to comic books to, most recently, appearing in Stranger Things.

sits down for an exclusive interview with the hulking legend to discuss protein intake, best workout splits, and the upcoming Dubai Muscle Show taking place November 24-26.

IFBNewsfeed.Org™: This isn’t your first rodeo in Dubai is it?

Kai Greene (KG): No, it isn’t. I’ve been for Middle East Comic Con promoting my graphic novel The Chronicles of King Kai, as well as for the Dubai Muscle Show in the past, I love Dubai. I need my warmth, man. That’s the right weather for me.

IFBNewsfeed.Org™: There are a lot of fad diets out there: keto, vegan, intermittent fasting, etc. In your experience, what works the best for building muscle?

IFBNewsfeed.Org™: So what do you say to people who claim to be “hard gainers” (people who struggle to increase muscle mass)?

Kai Greene (KG): If you’re saying you’re a hard gainer, then the battle has already been lost. Your mindset has been defeated because you’ve created a defeatist reality for yourself. I went from having the shoulder width of Kermit The Frog, to someone who looks the way I do now, and that’s all because of what I envisioned myself as. The way that I thought was either the biggest ally or the biggest threat to achieving my goals.

Kai Greene (KG): Everything’s so convenient, so extremely accessible. The whole world appears at your doorstep at the tap of a thumb. And although I’m not an expert on that specifically, I will say that you should never underestimate the power of going outside and playing. I used to have to walk to the gym, but now I have a nice car waiting for me, and it’s hard not to succumb to the immediate comfort of driving rather than walking.

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IFBNewsfeed.Org™: Arnold Schwarzenegger famously advocated for extremely high volume training, whereas his golden age bodybuilding counterpart, Mike Mentzer, subscribed to the low-repetition, infrequent, high intensity training, and the internet is continuously debating which method is best. What have you preferred?

Kai Greene (KG): There are a lot of things to try. The best part about living is opportunity. But make no mistake, all these guys make money selling their specific fitness principles, but it also all depends on what works best for you. For me, I’ve seen benefits from so many different methods, and your appetite can change along the journey. But here’s the thing. If you’re just starting out, heavy weight is not an option. So you have to start low weight with high volume, and then when you’ve excelled, you can decide which path to take.

IFBNewsfeed.Org™: What is your favourite muscle to train, and favourite exercise?

Kai Greene (KG): As a professional, I was taught early on that I’m not allowed to have a favourite muscle or a favourite exercise, because you need to approach everything equally. So if you’re hitting chest every day and neglecting back, it’ll be evident on game day. The judges will notice this, and you’ll lose.

IFBNewsfeed.Org™: What are you looking forward to at the Dubai Muscle Show?

Kai Greene (KG): All these companies are coming together to create a wonderful marketplace not just for buyers but for fans, spectators, and any aspiring, or professional, bodybuilders and fitness fanatics. I love the people out here.

IFBNewsfeed.Org™: How does your future in entertainment look?

Kai Greene (KG): I’ve had the chance to develop a comic book, Chronicles of King Kai, trying my hand at acting in Stranger Things, a documentary about my life is coming out, I’m just constantly trying to develop my own creativity. Writing. Acting. Drawing. Designing. Creating more colourful positivity in every way I can.

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