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Bodybuilding Icon Arnold Schwarzenegger Explains “How To Build Mind-Muscle Connection” While Training

We know Arnold Schwarzenegger as a movie star, Politian, bodybuilder, environmentalist, and a lot more. Through his newsletter, the 74-year-old legend gives frequent insights into fitness and many other aspects of life. In the recent issue of his newsletter, Arnold shed light on how he has changed his workout priorities in his 70s. Arnold also answered a fan’s question about mind-muscle connection and spoke about the importance of routine and consistency. Bodybuilding Legend Arnold Believes that both Mind and Muscles are Built with Resistance and Struggle.

Arnold stated that one has to train every day to create a concrete routine to build mind-muscle connections. He believes that training should become an automatic process without having to make a conscious decision to do so.

“The first and most important muscle-mind connection is making it automatic that you go and do your training every day. It should require no thinking. It should become an instinct that you train no matter what. You do this by training every day and creating a real routine.”

While talking about the mental aspect of training, Arnold stated that your body has to be worthy of carrying a strong mind. He cited the examples of Plato and Socrates to reinforce the argument. The 74-year-old went on to add that building mental strength is a process that takes place over time. Arnold hinted that one has to discipline their mind with resistance to build focus.

“Even the greatest philosophers of all time knew that you could have the smartest mind in the world, but you needed to build your body to have one worthy of carrying your strong mind. Just like muscles, the mind grows with resistance. Every mistake, every error, and every struggle builds your mind’s ability to deal with the future.” Arnold stated.

“Your mind has to be the body’s guide” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

At some point, we have all been through the phase where training sessions start to become a chore. Reps don’t necessarily give the same feeling of achievement. Arnold hypothesized that it is impossible to be in that situation if the mind is in perfect alignment with muscles. He added that reigning in the mind to focus on each action is the key to get the mind and muscles to work in sync.

“Have you ever tried to work out when you are distracted, and you pace around for too long between sets, and then when you lift the weight it feels heavier than usual? This is because your mind is not connected to your muscles. In order to get the perfect pump, your mind has to be the body’s guide, thinking about every part of the movement, every contraction, every squeeze.

If your mind is involved in your workout, there is no way you can lose. I look at it as a form of meditation! The more I focus on the lift that I’m doing, the more present I am in the moment, meaning I can feel exactly how my body reacts to the lift. Get to know your body, and get your mind working in sync with it.” Arnold Schwarzenegger explained.

At the end of the day, even the most consistent and disciplined individuals also get distracted, Arnold included! However, The Terminator alluded that he has the necessary mental strength to bring his mind back into the movement. Arnold Schwarzenegger said:

“Yes, like all of you, I get distracted. But then I bring my mind back into the movement. You can call this meathead mindfulness.”

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