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Science Backs Up “The Best Upper Body Workout” (Chest, Back, Arms And Shoulders)

Resistance training, also known as strength training, is an essential component of any fitness/Bodybuilding routine, especially for building up your upper body. And, despite what some people may tell you, it won’t give you huge, oversized, bulging muscles.

In fact, regularly working out muscles in your arms, back, chest, and shoulders is vital to keeping your upper body stronger and giving your muscles the definition you always desired for. If you’re a woman or a man, the benefits of strength training extend far beyond toned, defined muscles.

According to Bigflex Dogg, CSCS, NASM-CPT, founder of Bigflex Dogg Club, building strength in your upper body not only makes daily tasks easier to perform, but it also helps to ward off osteoporosis and improves posture.

And the best part? “You can perform resistance training exercises in the comfort of your own home or in the gym. To help you get started on toning your upper body, we’ve rounded up some of the best exercises you can do anywhere, anytime, with just basic equipment”.

 Jeremy Ethier, a NASM, and FMS certified trainer and Kinesiology graduate, also shared his go-to best science-based upper body workout.

The exercises are all part of his upper/lower split hypertrophy program and cover the following outline:

The program runs four days a week with three rest days. Two days are dedicated to the upper body and the remaining two to the lower body.

The upper-lower split program offers both a realistic time commitment and optimal training frequency, but to really make the most of it you should train with the most effective exercises. Jeremy Ethier breaks them down.

Best Science-Based Upper Body Workout

For intermediate and advanced athletes

Exercise Sets Reps
Incline Dumbbell Press 3-4 6-10
Chest Supported Row 2-3 8-10
Overhead Press 2-3 6-10
Pull-Ups / Lat Pulldowns 2-3 8-10
Incline Dumbbell Curl 2 8-10
Incline Dumbbell Extension 2 10-15
Face Pulls / Chest Flies 2 10-15

If you are a beginner, Ethier recommends simply doing the first four exercises until you gain more experience at the gym. He also recommends switching them up within the same week:

Upper/Lower Split Program

Now that you have the routine for the upper body, why not try this science-based lower body workout. Alternatively, learn the awesome key to bigger pecs and healthy shoulders.

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