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Michal Križánek Switches From IFBB Elite Pro To National Physique Committee (NPC) And “Hopes To Become An IFBB Pro” And Compete At The Mr. Olympia Stage

After nearly a year of rumors, Michal Krizo has made the switch to NPC from the IFBB Elite Pro, where he has been one of the superstars and arguably the face of the league. It’s official! Michal Krizo has made the switch.

The move was made official in a press release published by EVLS Pro. This is the organizer of the EVLS Prague Pro and amateur show.

“Dear fans,
As you all know very well, EVLS PRAGUE is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. During these ten years, it has created a solid place not only in the bodybuilding world but also in your hearts, which we greatly appreciate and thank you for.
That is why we are happy that we managed to enter into cooperation with a personality whom we respect very much and we believe that with our support he will achieve many successes and fight for the highest one, Mr. Olympia.

MICHAL “KRIŽO” KRIŽÁNEK is a new member of the EVLS Team!
Michal has decided to end his time in the Elite Pro federation and we are extremely honored that he will be showing his qualities in the NPC federation as a member of the EVLS team.

We have always had only the highest goals, we have prepared great, dare we say timeless festivals, we have created a globally respected brand that is a symbol of quality and pride. We firmly believe that it will continue to be so in the next ten years!”

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Michal Krizo Hopes To Turn Pro And Compete In Olympia

For any bodybuilder, the goal is to earn their Pro Card and compete on the biggest stage in the sport. For Michal Krizo, it is no different as he makes the move to National Physique Committee (NPC). Michal Krizo’s first hurdle will be earning his Pro Card within the National Physique Committee (NPC).

This is something that fellow Slovakian bodybuilder Adela Ondrejovicova did a few weeks back. She was able to earn her Pro Card almost instantly and will now have a chance to compete against the IFBB pros. Both athletes share a coach and it is likely that Krizo will begin training immediately to win a show and earn his card as well.

For National Physique Committee (NPC), this is a massive move as Michal Krizo adds star power to a league that has become extremely marketable over time. Krizo is the type of figure that brings attention and fans to show that he competes.

For Michal Krizo, this is the next move in what has already been a successful career. Now, he will look to take it to the next level.

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