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Certified Personal Trainers Detailed The Way “On How To Start Building Insane Muscle” As A Completely Beginner

The chest is the centerpiece of your physique. It’s the first muscle that people notice when you walk into a room—shirtless or sweater-covered. Chest training is so popular among gym rats of all levels, in fact, that Monday has long been unofficially known as international chest day.

That means by now you’ve probably exhausted every press and flye variation out there in pursuit of Herculean pectorals. Luckily for you, we’re doling out five more chest moves that you’ve likely never heard of before, all of which stimulate your pecs in new ways.

It’s the same old story at the gym: For months, you’ve seen the same group of guys doing bench presses—two, three, and sometimes four days a week (in which case, that’s probably all they do at the gym). And how do they look?

Exactly the same as when you first saw them.

They pyramid up in weight, starting with eight reps of 185, then six reps of 205, maybe three reps of 215, and then one rep of 225, which their buddies have to deadlift off their chests before it kills them. Every. Single. Week.

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Sure, they look like they’re making progress. “But they’re training with heart but not brains, and that’s why they plateau for years at a time—failing to increase their pressing strength and chest size. Hopefully, you’re not a member of the aforementioned group.

So if you’re looking for a way to add size to your chest, it’s time to adopt these key strategies”. So let’s dive into:

You don’t need to be a fitness fanatic to start building muscle with strength training, according to Bigflex Dogg, a NASM-certified personal trainer.

“No one starts off advanced,” Bigflex Dogg told IFBNewsfeed.Org. “Focus on your own journey and goals. You will eventually find a good rhythm and become more comfortable.”

He said that getting the right balance of exercises, staying consistent, and fueling your body with food and sleep can help you make gains even with no prior experience in the gym.

Use The Right Equipment

To build muscle, you need to do strength training to challenge your body with gradually increasing amounts of tension, a principle called progressive overload.

Gym machines can help beginners build a strong foundation and focus on specific muscles, Bigflex Dogg said.

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Free weights help train more muscles at once with compound exercises like squats and deadlifts. To start, dumbbells are the most user-friendly”, He said. Barbells and kettlebells add weight and dynamic movement as you progress.

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Prioritize Compound Movements That Work For Multiple Muscle Groups

To maximize muscle-building, you’ll want to focus on the big lifts first, according to Bigflex Dogg.

“It’s great to use the energy and focus that you have at the start of your workout for the most challenging and overall muscle mass-building exercises and then burn it out with smaller exercises,” He said.

Exercises that incorporate multiple muscle groups include squats, deadlifts, and presses.

Always remember to warm up before you start lifting heavy, though — do some dynamic stretching and work your way up with smaller weights to avoid energy and prime your muscles for peak performance.

Find The Right Balance For Cardio And Strength Training

For muscle and strength gains, it’s helpful to start with weightlifting exercises while you have the most energy, and follow up with cardio for overall health, according to Bigflex Dogg, who is also an Optimum Nutrition Brand Ambassador Shop Optimum Nutrition Best Sellers.

“It is very important to include both into your sessions for better quality of life and health,” He said.

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However, consistency is key for reaping the benefits of a fitness routine, and you’re more likely to keep exercising if you’re having fun.

“The most important thing is to enjoy your workouts,” Bigflex Dogg said.

If you hate running, you can get the benefits of cardio with weight lifting by using less rest and a high-rep, low-weight workout, a pro bodybuilder previously IFBNewsfeed.Org.

If you prefer cardio but want to build muscle, rowing or kettlebell workouts can help you do both, according to personal trainer Noam Tamir.

Get Enough Rest

Lifting weights stimulates the muscles, but growth happens as you’re recovering outside the gym. A common mistake is not resting enough to build muscle, an elite powerlifter previously told IFBNewsfeed.Org.

If you’re too tired or sore and keep pushing too hard, you won’t give your muscles the opportunity to build back bigger and stronger, and you risk getting injured.

“Listen to your body, Rest when tired. Avoid exercising if you feel fatigued or in pain,” Bigflex Dogg said.

Eat More To Provide Energy To Growing Muscles, According To A Nutritionist

Building muscle takes hard work in the gym, but also requires fuel. The best way to build strength and muscle is in a calorie surplus, where you’re eating more calories than you burn off so there’s energy for growth”, sports nutritionist and personal trainer Angie Asche previously told IFBNewsfeed.Org.

Under-eating can leave you feeling tired during workouts, increase the risk of injury, and prevent gains from happening, according to Asche.

For best results, aim for a good balance of carbs, protein, and fats, she said.

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