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Thor “The Mountain” Bjornsson Shared a “Slideshow” Of His Terrifying Physique Transformation

Thor “The Mountain” Bjornsson has undergone a weight loss transformation unlike any we’ve seen since smashing the deadlift world record in May 2020 and immediately announcing his intent to box fellow strongman Eddie Hall in the long-awaited “World’s Strongest Fight.”

In the roughly year and a half since, Bjornsson worked hard to rebuild his body, cutting his daily calorie intake from 10,000 calories to “just” 4,000 and ramping up his cardio with the goal of maintaining muscle while getting lean.

It’s safe to say he succeeded: Recent photos of Bjornsson show him looking relatively shredded—especially for a guy who is still 6’9″ and 355 pounds—with a visible six-pack that stands in stark contrast to the bulkier physique of his strongman days.

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In his most recent Instagram post, Bjornsson decided to celebrate just how far he’s come, stringing together a gallery of photos that work backwards to the height of his ‘Game of Thrones’ fame. “What one word describes these six pictures?” he wrote.

Bjornsson’s fans and celebrity followers were quick to add their opinions: “Commitment,” wrote strongman Laurence “Loz” Shahlaei. “It takes insane work ethic to achieve this. Inspiring my friend,” added celebrity trainer Jason Poston.

Now, the big question is whether or not all of Bjornsson’s hard work in the gym will actually pay off in the ring. While fans will have to wait a bit longer to see him face off against Hall, who is currently recovering from a bicep injury, Bjornsson will instead square off this weekend against world champion arm wrestler and Canadian special forces member Devon Larratt.

“Saturday the 18th I’m fighting and I cannot wait to show you my improvements,” Bjornsson wrote. “@devlarratt be ready for war!!”

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