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Indy Pro 2021 Competitor List & Predictions: Who Will Win The Big Show? “IFBB Pro Blessing Awodibu”, “IFBB Pro Morgan Aste”, or “IFBB Pro Justin Rodriguez”?

The 2021 Indy Pro will feature a battle at the top between Ifbb Pro Justin Rodriguez, Ifbb Pro Blessing Awodibu, and Ifbb Pro Morgan Aste.

The 2021 Indy Pro is upon us. The competitors and fans are ready to see some of the best bodybuilders in the world take to the stage. Namely, the Indy Pro will feature three talented Men’s Open bodybuilders, Justin Rodriguez, Blessing Awodibu, and Morgan Aste. The three are certainly front runners to win the show, but who has the edge heading into this weekend’s show?

IFBB Pro Blessing Awodibu

One of the most talked-about bodybuilders in the game today, Blessing Awodibu is set to make his IFBB Pro League debut at the Indy Pro. He has already garnered a ton of popularity despite not making his debut. That comes as no surprise, especially when you consider his social media presence. Blessing Awodibu has established himself as quite the unique and humorous character in the bodybuilding sphere.

That said, his physique is nothing to laugh about. Blessing Awodibu has an incredible physical form. He has been able to cultivate massive muscle while maintaining a well-balanced and aesthetic physique. He has massive shoulders and lats that taper down to a slim waist, Blessing cuts quite the classic figure.

Perhaps his only drawback is his legs. Many have commented on Blessing’s legs and as such, you can bet he knows it’s a potential weak point. While we can’t be certain about his legs until he steps on stage, the development he’s made to his upper body alone is truly impressive. His back in particular is definitely a strong point.

IFBB Pro Morgan Aste

The other big-name competing at the 2021 Indy Pro is Morgan Aste. The massive Frenchman has become known for his insane size. He is also a fairly tall bodybuilder standing at 6’4”, which could indeed give him a bit of an edge when stepping on stage. Aste is so massive that he’s even made strength athletes like Larry Wheels look small.

What Morgan Aste will need to do to come out on top is accentuate his size advantage. His posing and presentation will need to be on point in order to show up Blessing and Rodriguez. Any time the three are on stage together, Aste will need to do his best to not only tower over his rivals but out pose them, particularly in the front side poses.

IFBB Pro Justin Rodriguez

Perhaps the dark horse of the Indy Pro, Justin Rodriguez has the potential to pull off the upset. Coming in 10th place at the 2020 Olympia, Rodriguez is showing some great gains since turning pro in 2016. The experience on the big show will translate over well to the Indy Pro stage.

Justin Rodriguez has an incredibly well-balanced physique. There is a fullness to his muscles and solid symmetry that can’t be denied. If Rodriguez ends up coming out on top at this weekend’s show, no one should be surprised.


One thing to remember about Blessing is that he is still an unknown quantity. He’s competed and defeated other bodybuilders in different organizations, but the IFBB Pro League could prove to be a different animal. Morgan Aste will be no simple challenge for Blessing Awodibu to overcome and visa versa. Both men will have to bring their A-game if they hope to win this weekend.

Who do you think wins at the Indy Pro: Blessing Awodibu or Morgan Aste?

Credits to: Generation Iron, NPC Online, And IFBNewsfeed.Org

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