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“Godfather Of Bodybuilding” And The Trainer Of Champions Charles Glass Shares A Simple Muscle-Building Pushup Hack

“You can tell the difference,” says Glass. “Your body’s not stretched out, you’ve got everything compressed into the wall, and you’re going over your hands. That really kills your chest, because you can’t use anything but muscle to push off. So it works really well.”

This variation is especially effective, he adds, at targeting the central chest area. “If you keep your hands inside and you’re pushing, you’ll get a lot of that inner pec moving forwards, so that’s why we’re doing it.”

Glass advises performing the reps slowly instead of churning them out quickly, and to avoid fully extending your arms at the upper end of the movement, which is usually the preferred form. Get that chest working,” he says. “Don’t lockout.” This will keep your muscles under tension the whole time you’re in the position—just make sure you don’t cheat with half-reps.

He suggests doing these for 3 sets to failure if you are a beginner, and 4 sets or upwards if you have a more advanced level of fitness.

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