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Do You Always Need “8-12 Repetitions, 4 sets” To Build Up Any Particular Bodypart?

I am always consistent about needing to work in that 8-12 rep range, 4 sets with most exercises, but there are times when I would consider going a little higher.
I was asked about this on one of the live webinars I recently did for IFBNewsfeed.Org Club members (I do two a month), so I thought it would be a great topic for my article today.
Here are 3 examples where I would go higher on the reps…
  • 1 Stubborn Calves

If your calves are really stubborn, going into that 15-20 rep range with short rest periods can help get a better pump so the fascia stretches easier. Doing extra reps for the calves also means that you can hit the slow-twitch muscle fibers, which there is usually a lot of in this body part.
Just be prepared for the pain higher reps give when training calves.

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  • 2 More Deltoid Volume & Feel

The outer cap of the deltoids can really come up when you use the 15-20 rep range, just to add some extra volume to your workout and get more feel. If you find that the 8-12 rep range side raises don’t give you much feel or pump, it can be a good idea to experiment with a slightly higher rep range for 4-5 sets.
  • 3 Bigger Pec Pump

Some people really don’t get much connection with their pecs when training, which is why using the pec-dec, cable cross-overs, and cable flys with the 15-20 rep range just to get more blood in there can be super effective.
I would never replace the 8-12 rep range with 15-20 reps per set, on a regular basis – going a little higher is something you can do every once in a while just to get that extra pump.

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