The “3 Under-Utilized Bicep Exercises”. Utilize Them In Your Arms Day To Build Up Peak Biceps

As an athlete, you’re always looking for new strategies to get bigger, stronger, and healthier. Variation in your training routine is one way to help you overcome training adaptation and continue building lean muscle mass and strength. On arm day people usually do the same exercises over and over again, right? We all have favorite exercises which work best for us.
Sometimes it is smart to shake things up with new exercises so you’re working the muscle from different angles. There are lots of bicep exercises which actually get forgotten about, I want to show you 3 today which are amazing for isolating this muscle group and really working that peak.
The spider curl is one of the most effective bicep movements that you can add to your arm day training split, to help extend the range of motion and build more muscle and strength
  • Narrow Grip EZ Bar Spider Curls 

Doing Spider Curls on an incline bench, chest down is a great exercise. However, taking a narrow grip on an EZ bar keeps your elbows tucked in and helps lengthen the bicep when using a full range of motion. It is also great for hitting the peak contraction!
Go for 10-12 repetitions per set with 45-second rest periods, your biceps will get pumped fast off this exercise. Use slow negatives for better results, don’t use any momentum either.
  • Straight Bar Cable Drag Curls 

In case you don’t know, Drag Curls are like barbell curls except you push your shoulders right back so the bar is touching your front. Then you curl up from there, so the range of motion is just shorter. 
You are “dragging” the weight up while keeping the bar against your front at all times. Drag Curls deliberately shorten the range of motion so that you can target the peak contraction specifically – this is an amazing exercise to finish off with! Consider going higher than the usual 12 rep range, for 15-20 to really burn out.

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  • Upright Seated Alternating Dumbbell Curls 

Seated bicep curls aren’t anything new, but using some small adjustments can totally transform how you feel during this exercise. Sit completely upright so your back is at a 90-degree angle, push your shoulders right back, with your chest out. Finally, rotate your wrists outwards so your bicep is lengthened, and keep your arms by your sides – don’t allow them to move away from your body, so the wrists start to point inwards.
From here, perform alternating dumbbell curls using a full range of motion. This is the perfect position to really work the biceps. For more impact, implement a pause at the top of the rep and HOLD it in the static position while curling with the other arm. Only allow yourself to lower the weight back down when the other side is in the static hold – this gives a crazy burn.

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