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2023 Texas Pro Bodybuilding Show Results: IFBB Pro Andrew “MonaLisa” Jacked Wins “2023 Texas Pro Bodybuilding Show”. And He Is Headed Out To The “2023 Mr. Olympia Competition”

The curtains have finally drawn on the Texas Pro bodybuilding competition, and the champions of all eight categories have been crowned. After a spectacular two-day event, athletes and fans leave the Arlington Expo Center Hall with memories of extraordinary performances, unparalleled dedication, and the celebration of this year’s bodybuilding elites.

The Texas Pro served as a crucial Olympia qualifier and the battleground for some of the most promising athletes in bodybuilding. This year, the absence of the points system made every victory even more pivotal, leading to intense competition across all categories.

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the Men’s Open category. After much anticipation, Andrew “MonaLisa” Jacked secured his title, marking his second consecutive win in this division. Having faced fierce competition from Hunter Labrada and the weight of expectations, Jacked’s victory stands as a testament to his resilience, skill, and dedication.

On the weekend of Aug. 18-19, 2023, athletes from eight IFBB Pro League divisions gathered for the 2023 Texas Pro in Arlington, TX, to compete for titles and the 2023 Olympia qualifications. The fans in attendance were treated to some great contests, highlighted by the Men’s Open, where Andrew “MonaLisa” Jacked won his second straight Texas Pro title by narrowly defeating Hunter Labrada.

2023 Texas Pro Results

The full results of all eight divisions are below, courtesy of the IFBB Pro League website:

Men’s Open Division 

  1. Andrew “MonaLisa” Jacked (UAE)
  2. Hunter Labrada (USA)
  3. Carlos Thomas Jr. (USA)
  4. Lewis Breed (UAE)
  5. Jordan Hutchinson (USA)
  6. Jonathan Withers (USA)
  7. Soohyun Park (South Korea)
  8. Roy Evans (USA)
  9. Jameil Hamilton (Bahamas)
  10. Lionardis Cardoza (USA)

212 Bodybuilding Division 

  1. Keone Pearson (USA)
  2. Noel Adame (USA)
  3. Francisco Barrios Vik (Brazil)
  4. Jason Joseph (USA)
  5. Justin Jacoby (USA)
  6. Shuqing Lin (USA)
  7. Jae Sang Choi (Korea)
  8. Charles Curtis (USA)
  9. Leland DeVaughn Jr. (USA)
  10. Santos Rodriguez (USA)
  11. Bridger Paulich (USA)
  12. John Crisp (USA)
  13. Braden Wuerch (USA)
  14. Martae Ruelas (USA)
  15. Jay Warren (USA)

Tied for 16th

  • John McGovern (USA)
  • Adnan Yousaf (USA)

Classic Physique Division 

  1. Jae Hun Park (South Korea)
  2. Robert Timms (USA)
  3. Logan Franklin (USA)
  4. Benjamin Zimmerman (USA)
  5. Dacovea Anderson (USA)
  6. Tony Duong (USA)
  7. Dino Estrada (USA)
  8. Lucas Giainni (USA)
  9. Osmar Alanis (Mexico)
  10. Eddie Chipp (United Kingdom)
  11. William Withers (USA)
  12. Terrence Bonds (USA)
  13. Adam Beveridge (Canada)
  14. Marof Montanary (USA)

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No competitor was listed for 15th place. 

Tied for 16th

  • Todd Akers (USA)
  • Addison Alexander (USA)
  • Aaron Aramini (Canada)
  • Harold Bright Jr. (USA)
  • Carlos S. Marchand Colón (Puerto Rico)
  • Bernardo Costa (USA)
  • Sulaman Kamara (USA)
  • Timothy Kilow (USA)
  • Jordan Moore (USA)
  • Youri Kasonga Mukuna (South Africa)
  • Kyle Puckett (USA)
  • Jorge Abraham Trejo Reyes (USA)
  • Robert Waterhouse (England)
  • Cameron D. Williams (USA)
  • Casey Wilson (USA)
  • Anthony Barbera III (USA) — withdrew

Men’s Physique Division 

  1. Jeremiah Maxey (USA)
  2. Clarence McSpadden Jr. (USA)
  3. Nick Koeu (USA)
  4. Joshua Guidry (USA)
  5. Mitch Starr (Wales)
  6. Alexander Rogers (USA)
  7. Ali Raza (Australia)
  8. Alonzo Jefferson (USA)
  9. Michael Mayers (USA)
  10. Jake Alvarez (USA)
  11. Jorge H. Hernandez (USA)
  12. Micah Thomas Jr. (USA)
  13. Ommie Ali (UAE)
  14. Jemiase (Jay) Riggins (USA)
  15. Michael D. Mperey (USA)

Tied for 16th

  • Nicolas Belanger (Canada)
  • Dre Booker (USA)
  • Stephen Brooks (USA)
  • Andrew J. David (USA)
  • Dylan Lin (USA)
  • John Murphy (USA)
  • Francisco Rodriguez (USA)
  • Avery Saunders (USA)
  • George Sellman (USA)
  • Leon Lloyd Spence (USA)
  • Jacob Swisher (USA)
  • Tristan Van der Bijl (South Africa)
  • Roy Williams III (USA)
Women’s Physique Division 

  1. Ivie Rhein (USA)
  2. Alyssa Kiessling (USA)
  3. Ceci Barba (USA)
  4. Sara Bradley (United Kingdom)
  5. Donna Jones (USA)
  6. Rachel Aronson (USA)
  7. Brooke Pighin (USA)
  8. Katie Nyland (USA)
  9. Isabelle Jackson (USA)
  10. Alexis Lowery (USA)
  11. Miranda Sanders (USA)
  12. Vicky Tackett (USA)
  13. Adriana Johnson (USA)
  14. Patricia Pizarro (Peru)
  15. Katharine Younger (USA)

Tied for 16th

  • Tracey Allen (USA)
  • Lenka Ferencukova (Czech Republic)
  • Veronica LaRoche-Askew (USA)
  • Kristyn Lia (Australia)
  • Christine Porter (USA)

Figure Division 

  1. Jessica Reyes Padilla (Puerto Rico)
  2. Ashley Howells (USA)
  3. Tamera Barrett (USA)
  4. Amie Mock (USA)
  5. Lena Ramsteiner (Germany)
  6. Kaylee Walker (USA)
  7. Becca Wilcox (USA)
  8. Kamilla S. Alencastro (Brazil)
  9. Amanda Winston (United Kingdom)
  10. Samantha Jenkins (USA)
  11. Mandy Urner (Canada)
  12. Jay Garay (USA)
  13. Denitra Bruer (USA)
  14. Brittany Offers (Canada)
  15. Nachol Cravens (USA)

Tied for 16th

  • Marcela Barros (Argentina)
  • Tonya Brookter (USA)
  • Alexis Davis (USA)
  • Candace Richardson Hall (USA)
  • Amaranth Kim (USA)
  • Jackilyn Lowry (USA)
  • Amanda McCroskey (USA)
  • Jessica McWilliams (USA)
  • Spomenka Miller-Stanic (USA)
  • Stephanie Santamaria (USA)
  • Amy Jo Summy (USA)

Bikini Division 

  1. Ashlyn Little (USA)
  2. Elisa Valentim Pecini (Brazil)
  3. Tamekia Carter (USA)
  4. Yurika Shigemoto (USA)
  5. Wu Bi (China)
  6. Ashley Hampton (USA)
  7. Erin Mayrhofer (USA)
  8. Flora Wang (China)
  9. Sammy Jo (USA)
  10. Jessica Dexter (USA)
  11. Jeannie Dery-Belanger (Canada)
  12. Lynsie Hise (USA)
  13. Claudia Garcia (USA)
  14. Rachel Spanos (USA)
  15. Jessica Lewis (USA)

ied for 16th

  • Brenda Garay (USA)
  • Violeta Garcia (USA)
  • Ashley Marie Lee (USA)
  • Emma MacDougall (Canada)
  • Carolina Mestre (USA)
  • Yvette Montero (USA)
  • Vanessa Guzman Niebla (USA)
  • Fallon A. Wainwright(USA)

Wellness Division 

  1. Marissa Andrews (USA)
  2. Mia Samuels-Menjivar (USA)
  3. Jenna de Manincor (USA)
  4. Diana Verduzco Carreno (Mexico)
  5. Devyn Cambre (USA)
  6. Amy Li (USA)
  7. Tracy Williams (USA)
  8. Maria Paulette (Spain)
  9. Victoria Puentes (USA)
  10. Jessica Alvarado (USA)
  11. Angela White (USA)
  12. Quintaysia Goodley (USA)
  13. Halla Yu (Korea)

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Men’s Open Winner — Andrew “MonaLisa” Jacked

Labrada was coming off a win at the 2023 Tampa Pro, hoping to go back-to-back with a win at the Texas Pro as well — a feat accomplished by Iain Valliere in 2021. However, Jacked, as the defending champion, was dead set on repeating. The judges had both athletes pose through several comparisons to determine a winner.

Ultimately, Jacked was declared the winner by two points on the scorecards to qualify for the 2023 Mr. Olympia in Orlando, FL, on Nov. 2-5, 2023. Even though Labrada finished second, he maintained his Olympia qualification earned via his Tampa Pro win. The debuting Carlos Thomas Jr. lived up to his pre-show hype, ranking third overall place in his pro debut.

212 Bodybuilding Winner — Keone Pearson

There was a lot of buzz online about Keone Pearson, who was making his 2023 season debut. Pearson delivered might be his best look to date to win the 212 title over second-place finisher Noel Adame. Pearson is eligible to challenge defending Olympia 212 champion Shaun Clarida in Orlando in November. Brazil’s Francisco Barrios Vik was a pleasant surprise for this show, and he was rewarded for his efforts with a top-three placing.

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Classic Physique Winner — Jae Hun Park

Many fans of Classic Physique felt this show would come down to Robert Timms and Logan Franklin. Both athletes were impressive, but no one saw Jae Hun Park coming.

Jae Hun Park pulled off what could be remembered as the biggest upset of the season to score the gold and Classic Physique Olympia qualification. He ranked 15th at the 2022 Classic Physique Olympia. Timms and Franklin finished second and third, respectively.

Men’s Physique Winner — Jeremiah Maxey

Jeremiah Maxey was the Men’s Physique winner by a single point over runner-up Clarence McSpadden Jr. The judges put them through the paces to determine a final winner. Maxey ranked second in the 2023 Tampa Pro but made adjustments in the two-week gap between that show and this one. This is his first pro win, and it will be his Olympia debut if he competes in November.

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Women’s Physique Winner — Ivie Rhein

The women’s contests had more established favorites. Ivie Rhein won the Women’s Physique show via straight first-place votes over runner-up Alyssa Kiessling. Rhein moves on to the 2023 Olympia with hopes of dethroning defending champion Natalia Abraham Coelho. It was an all-American top-three finish, with the bronze medal going to Ceci Barba.

Figure Winner — Jessica Reyes Padilla

Jessica Reyes Padilla was the defending Figure champion in this show and went back-to-back in the Lone Star State. The 2022 Figure Olympia runner-up was already qualified for the Olympia going into the contest, so no qualification was awarded.

Bikini Winner — Ashlyn Little

Ashlyn Little is on a two-show winning streak. The 2023 Tampa Pro Bikini division winner won this show and defeated 2019 Olympia champion Elisa Pecini to do it. Pecini ranked second overall. Since Little was already qualified for the Olympia, no qualification was awarded for the Bikini division.

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Wellness Winner — Marissa Andrews

In the Wellness division, Marissa Andrews earned her ticket to Orlando with the overall win by one point over Mia Samuels-Menjivar. Andrews will make her second straight Olympia appearance thanks to her second pro win in as many seasons. She ranked seventh in the 2022 Wellness Olympia, won by Francielle Mattos.

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IFBNewsfeed.Org wishes to congratulate all the great athletes who earned a win at the 2023 Texas Pro Bodybuilding Show. Make sure to check out our full IFBB Pro results page from this year and previous years right here to catch up on any action you may have missed!


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