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2023 Masters Olympia Bodybuilding Show Results: IFBB Pro Kamal Elgargni Wins “The 2023 Masters Olympia”

The 2023 Masters Olympia competition officially made its return this weekend. The event was held at the BT Arena in Cluj Napoca, Romania where all 10 divisions in bodybuilding were present to compete.

After an 11-year absence, the 2023 Masters Olympia returned August 25-27 this weekend in Cluj, Napoca Romania. This event featured athletes from ten divisions including Men’s Open, Men’s 212 Bodybuilding, Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, Women’s Bodybuilding, Women’s Physique, Bikini, Fitness, Wellness, and Figure. The respective winners of each category were awarded qualifications for the upcoming Mr. Olympia competition taking place from Nov. 2-5 in Orlando, Florida.

This event featured some of the best competitors of all time as results were spread over two nights.

Robby Robinson won the first ever Masters Olympia competition back in 1994. Vince Taylor holds the record with six victories, which occurred consecutively from 1996-2001. There was a hiatus following the 2003 competition before Dexter Jackson took home the title in 2012.

The official rosters for the show were announced back in April and athletes have prepped for a return to the stage.

The first set of results will feature five divisions on Saturday night with the other five coming on Sunday night. Below, check out live updates of the results as they come in!
2023 Masters Olympia: All Division Winners

  • Men’s Open: Kamal Elgargni
  • Men’s 212: Hidetada Yamagishi
  • Men’s Physique: Arya Saffaie
  • Classic Physique: Alejandro Cambronero
  • Women’s Bodybuilding: Reshanna Boswell
  • Women’s Physique: Ivi Rhein
  • Wellness: Nerilde Garcia Strey
  • Figure: Jessica Reyes Padilla
  • Fitness: Minna Pajulahti
  • Bikini: Jessica Wilson

2023 Masters Olympia Breakdown

Men’s Open Division 

  • First Place – Kamal Elgargni
  • Second Place – Maxx Charles
  • Third Place – Phil Clahar
  • Fourth Place – Fred Smalls
  • Fifth Place – Kenneth B. Jackson

Men’s 212 Division

  • First Place – Hidetada Yamagishi
  • Second Place – David Henry
  • Third Place – Anwar Darwish Ali Al Balushi
  • Fourth Place – Ahmed Fawzi
  • Fifth Place – Jonni Shreve
  • Sixth Place – Fernando Noronha de Albeida Maradona
  • Seventh Place – Derik Farnsworth
  • Eighth Place – Masoom Butt
  • Ninth Place – Jicheng Qian
  • Tenth Place – Milton Martinez

Classic Physique Division

  • First Place – Alejandro Cambronero
  • Second Place – Kelvin Hinde
  • Third Place – Ross Caesar
  • Fourth Place – Luis Garcia Martinez
  • Fifth Place – Tom Connelly
  • Sixth Place – Eric Perkins
  • Seventh Place – Greg Rando
  • Eighth Place – Peter Sciallo
  • Ninth Place – Michel Perez
  • Tenth Place – Richy Chan

Men’s Physique Division 

  • First Place – Arya Saffaie
  • Second Place – Sharif Reid
  • Third Place – Dajuan Rico Freeman
  • Fourth Place – Myron Griffin
  • Fifth Place – Andrea Mosti

Women’s Bodybuilding Division 

  • First Place – Reshanna Boswell
  • Second Place – Barbara Moojen
  • Third Place – Virginia B. Sanchez Macias
  • Fourth Place – Donna Salib
  • Fifth Place – Silvia Matta
  • Sixth Place – Cheryl Mears
  • Seventh Place – Jacqueline Fuchs
  • Eighth Place – Vera Mikulcova
  • Ninth Place – Leah Dennie
  • Tenth Place – Dana Shemesh

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Women’s Physique Division 

  • First Place – Ivie Rhein
  • Second Place – Caroline Alves Dos Santos
  • Third Place – Heather Grace
  • Fourth Place – Joanna Romano
  • Fifth Place – Susan Graham
  • Sixth Place – Stephanie Frederickson
  • Seventh Place – Alida Opre
  • Eighth Place – Maria Queen Liberman
  • Ninth Place – Suzanne Davis
  • Tenth Place – Candice Carr

Wellness Division 

  • First Place – Nerilde Garcia Strey
  • Second Place – Simara Walter
  • Third Place – Oana Marinescu
  • Fourth Place – Tania Isabel Cunha Viegas
  • Fifth Place – Casey DeLong
  • Sixth Place – Alessandra Pinheiro
  • Seventh Place – Clarissa Sanchez
  • Eighth Place – Cinzia Massaro Clapp
  • Ninth Place – Synara Santana
  • Tenth Place – Houda Hmini

Figure Division 

  • First Place – Jessica Reyes Padilla
  • Second Place – Dee Jackson
  • Third Place – Gina Palma
  • Fourth Place – Corrie Morales
  • Fifth Place – Zulfiya Bitiyeva

Fitness Division 

  • First Place – Minna Pajulahti
  • Second Place – Stephanie Jones
  • Third Place – Tamara Vahn
  • Fourth Place – Jenny Worth
  • Fifth Place – Debbie Fowler

Bikini Division 

  • First Place – Jessica Wilson
  • Second Place – Janine Herrera
  • Third Place – Nucia Freitas Samo
  • Fourth Place – Kerryne Henich
  • Fifth Place – Elisangela Angell

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IFBNewsfeed.Org wishes to congratulate all the great athletes who earned a win at the 2023 Masters Olympia Bodybuilding Show. Make sure to check out our full IFBB Pro results page from this year and previous years right here to catch up on any action you may have missed!


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