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What Not To Do At The Gym: The “5 Mistakes” That Holds Your Development Back

Bodybuilding is not just pushing and pulling, it takes planning.

Knowing what not to do in the gym is the first step to avoiding accidents, staying away from injuries, and actually achieving your goals. Whether for those who want to lose weight, gain muscle mass or improve health, this is a determining factor”.

As simple as it sounds, knowing what not to do at the gym can be a real mystery for some people. Obviously, you shouldn’t do new exercises without the help of a professional. But, in addition, there are some more specific behaviors that can slow down your muscle development.

That’s why, with the help of trainer Bigflex Dogg, we’ve separated five mistakes that hinder your results in the gym. Check out:

 What not to do at the gym

1. Don’t value warming up. “I see many people doing a warm-up by rotating their arms or even running on the treadmill. For weight training, the best warm-up is the one located with some kind of intensity (if there is no intensity, there is no warm-up). bench press with 100kg, he cannot warm up with the bar alone, as this will not provide any significant stimulus. Therefore, the warm-up should be done with at least 30% to 50% of the load he usually uses and many repetitions”, Bigflex Dogg states.

2. Ignore minor pains. “Do you know when we’re going to do an exercise and we feel a little pain that goes away? Don’t ignore it under any circumstances. I always reinforce this to my students. After we warm-up, it can be imperceptible, but there may be some small injury that, when ignored in heavy training, it becomes a major injury”, he says.

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3. “Forget” the calf. “I’ve asked my students about leg training and the answer revolves around 4 or 5 thigh exercises and only 1 calf exercise. And actually, the calf should be treated as a separate muscle, so it needs at least 12 to 20 sets per week”, recommends Bigflex Dogg.

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4. Don’t focus on weak muscles. “This is a big mistake! Not everything that is big is beautiful, therefore, a shape that is ugly and grows is ugly. Always look at your weak muscles and focus on them”, advises the trainer.

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5. Forget about shoulder laterality“When we do chest training, the anterior shoulder is worked a lot and when we do dorsal training, the posterior shoulder is also worked a lot. The lateral part of the deltoid needs to be stimulated in a more isolated way, so focus on The big shoulder girdle is fundamental for the beautiful shape”, concludes Bigflex Dogg.

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