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The Reasons “Why You Should Be Performing” Full-Body Workouts

A full-body workout is the most effective way to target all muscle groups without spending all week at the gym. You probably have a busy schedule that does not allow you to devote several hours, 6 days a week exercising.

If you are wondering how to create an effective workout that is also time-efficient, this article is for you. Splitting your workout routine to target different muscle groups is what most bodybuilders and athletes prefer. A 5 day split that targets one muscle group per day, for 5 days, is common but not ideal. For you, the average Joe or Jane who works long hours and juggles many commitments, it is not practical. So, here is what you need to know to build the perfect full-body workout routine.

If you’ve been following a program where you train a single or double muscle group 5-6 days a week but can’t see desired results, it’s time you consider switching to a full-body training routine.

When we say ‘a full-body workout’, we’re referring to a workout where you train at least three muscle groups in a single training session which should include both your upper and lower body.

Here are the reasons why you should be performing Full-Body Workouts

Break The Plateau

Performing the same workouts over and over again can lead you to hit a plateau. If you know anything about muscle plateaus, you’ll know it’s better to avoid one rather than finding ways of breaking it.

Following full-body training, the routine can help you break and/or avoid a plateau. You should add variety to your full-body sessions so that your muscles never get used to your training program.

Improves Your Cardiovascular Health

Many serious lifters dismiss the full-body training programs calling them some CrossFit WOD fad that will go away soon. The high-intensity training style isn’t given its fair share of credit when it comes to its testosterone boosting, cardiovascular, and CNS health improving benefits.

Most resistance training approaches don’t put your cardiovascular system under stress as there is plenty of time to recover between exercises. Full-body workouts can improve your overall health by using HIIT routines.

Burn Fat

If you’ve ever performed a full-body workout, you’ll know that it can be exhausting. The good news is, the annihilation after a full-body training session can be incredibly effective in melting your body fat like butter.

If your primary goal is to shed weight and lose some inches from your waist, you should follow a full-body program. The HIIT workouts are also great for bros who’re prepping for a contest or want to improve their muscle definition.

Hit Failure Every Time

Leaving the gym without a pump can be depressing. While following a low-moderate intensity workout, variables like mind-muscle connection, rest between sets, form come into play which can hamper your muscle pumps.

On the other hand, you’re almost guaranteed to get (and maintain) a nasty pump during your full-body workout because of the sheer intensity of the training style. If you shy away from hitting failure in every workout, the full-body workouts are sure to cause a paradigm shift.

Shorter Workouts

Many people never get on the fitness bandwagon because they can’t take out 2-3 hours for a workout every day. Following a full-body workout is the perfect solution to this problem as you’ll wrap up your workouts within 45-60 minutes.

Since the full-body workouts have ample bodyweight exercises, you’ll never have an excuse for missing a training session. You could train in the comfort of your home early in the morning, late at night, or anytime in between.


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