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Cardio Incorporation: What Is The Difference Between “A Walking Pad And A Treadmill”? Which One Is Better For “The Optimized Results”?

A Walking pad is just a folding treadmill by another name (though there are minor differences, see below) but one brand smartly actually is called Walking Pad. I’ve seen a few different kinds of folding treadmills and under-desk treadmills on TikTok but Walking Pad is the top brand I’ve seen people talking about.

Walking pads and treadmills are similar in that both have a moving belt that allows you to walk and run indoors. However, walking pads are more compact and portable than treadmills and typically max out at lower speeds. Walking pads also typically don’t have handrails, so they’re not designed for the full-on running and sprinting you can do on a classic treadmill.

What’s the difference between a walking pad and a treadmill?

While a walking pad can be considered a folding treadmill, a folding treadmill (and non-folding) cannot be called a walking pad. The difference between the two is that a walking pad is a walking machine that is controlled by your footsteps. There are sensors in the treadmill that allow you to maintain slow, medium, and fast speeds based on where you walk on the treadmill (the closer to the front you are, the faster you will walk).

You can still control the speed using a remote or a smartphone app. The speed function is simple enough, if you want to walk slowly, you walk toward the back of the walking pad, and the faster you want to walk, the closer to the front you walk.

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How Fast Does A Walking Pad Go?

Unlike full-size treadmills, walking pads aren’t designed to go especially fast. Most max out around 4mph, so they’re best for people who are looking to get some additional steps in during the day—not train for an upcoming race.

How Much Weight Can A Walking Pad Hold?

It varies; most machines have a weight-limit of 200-300 pounds, but you’ll have to check the specs of the model you want in order to be sure. The UnSit model above can support up to 400 pounds, making it the most size-inclusive option on this list.

How Beneficial Is A Walking Pad?

Walking pads can be extremely beneficial, depending on your lifestyle. If you work at a desk for hours on end, a walking pad could help you get thousands of more steps in every day. They’re also great for getting some movement in during bad weather, or if you don’t have access to a safe walking path. Ultimately, how beneficial a walking pad will be depends on how often you end up using it.

Is There A Walking Pad You Can Run On?

Yes, for instance, the WalkingPad R1 Pro above is a two-in-one machine that can reach up to 6.2mph for running. Most basic walking pads will not reach speeds high enough for you to run on though, and it can be dangerous to run on a machine that doesn’t have handrails .If you’re more interested in a dedicated running machine, there are plenty of deals on treadmills right now as well.

If you’re looking to incorporate more movement into your routine, consider investing in a walking pad—especially if you’re someone who sits at a desk all day long. Walking pads (aka under-desk treadmills) make it possible to get your steps in while you work, helping you to be more active during the week. They’ve been trending on TikTok recently and right now, you can score one for up to $500 off.

Just like with regular treadmills, there are thousands of different under-desk designs to choose from at a variety of price points. And this week, many of them happen to be on sale. Here, we’ve broken down the best walking pad deals that are live right now.

The Best Walking Pad Deals Right Now

This Foldable Design Is $150 Off

What sets this design apart from many of the other under-desk treadmills on the market is the fact that it folds in half for more compact storage. Now through December 15, you can save an extra $100 on it ($149 total).

Like the other WalkingPad model, “this compact treadmill folds in half to make it easier to store when not in use. It also uses a smart speed sensor that automatically adjusts the belt’s speed based on how fast you’re walking”.

This slim treadmill is only 7 inches high, so it’ll easily slide under your couch or bed. It also has a built-in LED screen on the base that tracks your time, speed, distance and calories burned. Make sure to clip the coupon on the product page to snag the full discount. Psst, the price on this model has dropped even further since our last update.

Here’s another great option from WalkingPad. It’s slightly wider than the C2, which translates to a sturdier feel beneath your feet. But it folds away and can fit neatly under almost any space.

You’ll be splurging on this design from InMovement, but it has a wider yet shorter footprint that’s ideal for smaller office spaces. “Adjust your speed using the convenient desk-mounted controller, and track your stats through the Unsit app. Save $500 on this premium model while you still can. Just keep in mind that you might have to wait a couple of weeks for shipping since the brand has run out of its current stock”.

This model can get up to just under 4mph and comes with a handy remote to control the speed. It also claims to have a powerful but quiet motor that allows you to exercise when you want without fear of disturbing others, making it a nice option for apartment dwellers. Plus at just $225, it’s the most affordable treadmill on this list.

This two-in-one walking pad reaches a max walking speed of 3.8mph and can also transform into a running machine that maxes out at 7.6 mph. It comes fully assembled, can support up to 265 pounds and is backed by five-star reviews from Amazon shoppers. This Urevo design’s price has also dropped even further since out last update.

The R1 is the only WalkingPad model that can also support running. It’s light and foldable like the brand’s other designs and allows you to control the speed with your feet. But the RI can reach up to 6.2mph for a solid jog.

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