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Build Up The Desired Chest You’ve Always Wanted With These Unique “8 Brutal Chest-Training Methods” Workouts

For many gym-goers, chest training starts and ends with the bench press. Or, if they’re not big on barbellspress-ups. Now those are both fantastic exercises, but for a truly pecs-tacular chest, you need to extend your exercise repertoire.

The good news is that below you’ll find the 8 Brutal Chest-Training Methods containing a variety of chest exercises that will hit your muscles from different angles. Follow it consistently and you’ll be the proud owner of a bigger, stronger chest in no time.

You’ll be training four times a week throughout the four-week plan, but it won’t all be chest work. There’s little point in sculpting perfect pecs if the rest of your body doesn’t keep pace during that time. Two of your weekly workouts are chest-focused, while the other two are full-body training sessions”.

The chest sessions are workouts 1 and 3 on the plan and they differ in their approach to chest-building. The first session increases strength using a high number of sets but fewer reps. The second uses bodybuilding principles to form a workout where you do fewer sets but a higher number of reps with the aim of increasing size alongside strength.

“Building up the desired chest that you’ve always wanted and dreamed of, takes time, effort, sacrifice, consistency, and determination BUT we’ve put together the 8 chest training to help you to build up that desired chest”.

Brutal Chest-Training Methods #1 Unique Lifts

The moves below are unique twists on familiar lifts like presses and flyes. The different stimulus will give your muscles something new to adapt to—and help you break out of your boring chest rut.

The Workout: 

Workout Tip: Set the safety stops on the Smith machine so the bar stops about 6 inches above your chest when doing bench presses. When you lower the bar during any press from any angle, let the weight come to a stop when it reaches the supports and keeps it there for 1 second before pressing it back up. This way, you’ve removed momentum from the equation and forced your pecs to work harder when pushing the weight up.

Brutal Chest-Training Methods #2 High/Low

The high/low principle alternates a series of low-rep sets with a series of high-rep sets. The combination works both the fast-and slow-twitch muscle fibers to maximize size and strength and increase blood flow to the area.

The Workout: 

Workout Tip: Instead of performing cable crossovers with the handles up high, try doing them from the lowest position. While keeping your arms nearly straight, lift the handles up until they meet at chin level. This places more emphasis on the middle portion of the chest.

Brutal Chest-Training Methods #3 Descending Sets

Think of descending sets as extended dropsets. Perform a set of six to 10 reps. Once you reach failure, strip a plate (or lower the weight stack) and do another set of six to 10. Repeat for four total sets. Those four dropsets equal one set.

The Workout: 

Workout Tip: Pressing with a machine allows you to more easily drop the weight after each set. It also lets you keep your form more rigid as you’re locked into place.

Brutal Chest-Training Methods #4 Incline/Decline

Kicking the flat bench to the curb for a workout will allow you to fully compartmentalize your chest into upper and lower sections and to focus more intently on each area. Additionally, if flat work takes its toll on your shoulders or elbows, you might find that altering the angles can be less straining.

The Workout 

Workout Tips 

Inline Press: One variation of the incline press we like: Start with your palms facing you and twist your hands around during the press so that your palms are facing forward at the apex of the movement.

Smith Machine Decline Press: Another decline option is to use a Smith machine. Since the bar is on a set track, it’s easier to lift, allowing you to load it up with more weight.

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Brutal Chest-Training Methods #5 Full-court Press

Another approach to pumping up your pecs is to devote an entire session to presses, hitting them from all angles. Another benefit besides getting a complete workout: You’ll be done in no time.

The Workout: 

Workout Tip: Performing dumbbell presses on a decline bench increases your range of motion, which allows you to place your chest muscle under more tension for longer. This is a huge factor for growth.

Brutal Chest-Training Methods #6 Flye Zone

The bench press may be a chest day staple, but you should consider flies when it comes to sculpting out Herculean pecs. The reason is that they better isolate the muscle group. Once a month, give this flye-only workout a go to help maximize your pecs without extra toll being taken on the delts and triceps.

The Workout 

Workout Tips: Move over, bench press, the pec deck flye actually better isolates your chest, since it takes the deltoids and triceps out of the equation. Do this move slowly, stretching the muscle at the bottom of the rep.

Brutal Chest-Training Methods #7 Press and Pullover

The combination of a power movement (bench presses) with a stretching movement (pullovers) creates a tremendous upper-body pump. It’s also a convenient superset because after you finish the presses, you can rotate 90 degrees on the bench to begin doing pullovers.

The Workout: 

Workout Tip: The phrase “everything old is new again” comes to mind with this one. Start by performing a barbell pullover, then bench-press the weight. That’s 1 rep. This works the pecs along with the lats and serratus.

Brutal Chest-Training Methods #8 Re-exhaust

The idea behind pre-exhausting is to perform an isolation exercise before you set out to do a compound exercise. The thought is that the muscle you’re trying to target has been trained to exhaustion, which in turn triggers optimum growth. Your front delts and triceps usually do a lot of work when chest presses are performed, but if you do flyes before presses, your pecs will give out before your delts or triceps. “Re-exhausting” is most effective when you perform the flyes in the superset before presses.

The Workout: 

Workout Tips: 

Incline Press: Set up as you did for the incline flyes, but instead of bringing your arms out to stretch the pec muscle, perform a standard press. Keep your elbows in around 45 degrees, and drive the weight up until your arms are fully extended.

Incline Flye: Lie back on a bench set to 45 degrees, with a dumbbell in each hand. Brace your core and lower the weight until you feel a stretch in your chest. Then raise the weights back up in a hugging-a-tree motion.

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