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Workout Program: Why You Need A “Workout Program”

If you want to lift weights, walking into the gym (or moseying over to your dumbbells at home) is a good start. But if you want to get stronger over time, you need to give it a bit more thought than that. And that’s why you need a weightlifting program.

A program is a prescription for exactly what to do and when to do it, and most lifting programs last weeks to months. (I’d say a four-week program is about the shortest I’ve seen, and 12 weeks is on the longer side.) During that time, you’ll lift a certain number of days each week, “you’ll do specific exercises that the program calls for, and you’ll follow the program’s directions to add weight as you get stronger”. This is all good stuff, especially if you are a beginner.

While some intermediate and advanced lifters can program for themselves, many still use tried-and-true programs, or they ask a coach to write a program for them. Where can you find a program? Well, for starters there are tons of free programs you can download online. If you do, read reviews—concentrating on ones from people who have run them and can comment on whether they’re effective. Likewise, there are programs that you can pay to download, programs that you can find in a book, and coaches and clubs that provide programming for a monthly fee, whether online or through an in-person gym.

If you’re new to exercise, writing your own program isn’t likely to be the best option. Here’s more on what a good program will do for you, and “why you should consider using one that’s been designed by somebody more experienced than you”.

1. You can’t work on everything at once

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