Taking Care of Your Back: “Powerful Spinal Health Tips”. Avoid “Spinal Injury, Muscle Fatigue, Loss Of Mobility, And Even Depression”

Back pain feels like someone has jammed hot needles into your spine. It stings, smarts, and aches, and doesn’t go away. It spoils your sleep, interferes with work, ruins your focus, and just makes it hard for you to live. If your back is hurting, you should sit up and take notice.

After all, it’s a plea for help from your body. If left unaddressed, the pain can lead to spinal injury, muscle fatigue, loss of mobility, and even depression.

Here are some suggestions that can help keep your spine healthy and strong, courtesy of International Fitness and Bodybuilding Newsfeed.org

Avoid Slouching at Your Desk

When it’s not related to a medical condition or injury, back pain is most often brought about by poor posture. When we sit at our desks, we tend to hunch forward and put extra pressure on our backs. Inc. advises you to put your feet on the ground, sit straight, keep your monitor at eye level, and take frequent standing breaks to avoid back pain (or making an existing problem worse).

Consider Getting Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomic furniture goes hand in hand with good posture. It may be a bit expensive, but paying for medical care could be even more so. Consider investing in an ergonomic chair for adequate support for your neck and back, and proper pelvis and hip alignment. A standing desk allows you to work on your feet, which beats sitting all day, every day.

Exercise Your Core

Your core, which is the lower back and abdomen, has muscles that support your back. Strengthening them can drastically reduce, and often eliminate, the pain. Exercise your core daily through stretches, planking, running, walking, yoga, and similar routines.

Recognize Your Stress

You might not think about it, but the tension induced by stress can be a cause of back pain. If you suspect stress may be an issue for you, consider what role your work plays in contributing to that stress. It’s also important to reduce the stress you can be picking up at home, and one of the simplest ways to start that process is to reduce your clutter. This is a great first step to lowering your stress by addressing something you may not consciously recognize.

Get Regular Adjustments from a Chiropractor

Getting your back tended to by a chiropractor can work wonders. These professionals use their hands and sometimes a small spinal device to apply strategic pressure to your spine and joints. They can help bring your spine back into alignment, improving your posture, boosting flexibility and motion, and greatly reducing your pain. They can also help with related neck pains, muscle pains, and headaches.

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Ensure Your Spine is Supported When You Sleep

Posture matters when you sleep too. The best position is to sleep on your left side with your knees partially bent. Make sure your mattress isn’t super soft or saggy—it could place your spine at an awkward angle. You want a mattress that is firm and supportive, but that also conforms to your body. The specific mattress also depends on your preferred sleeping positions, so check this out before you invest in a new mattress. You can filter for specific sleep preferences to find the perfect option for your back and your sleep quality.

Don’t Wear Shoes that Ruin Your Posture

Feet are naturally curved. When you walk barefoot, you naturally place them right. When you wear shoes, however, you introduce an additional layer of material between your soles and the ground, which may push your feet out of natural alignment. This, in turn, alters your posture, affects the spine, and may lead to back pain. Heels for women, especially, are problematic. Getting specially-made aka orthopedic footwear can fix your posture.

Always Stand Tall and Confident

Sometimes tall people slouch to make themselves feel smaller, but that is unnecessary and actually harmful to your spine health. Don’t be insecure about your height. Instead, embrace it and stand tall. No matter your height, you will be seen as more confident with great posture. Not convinced? Learn more about your favorite celebrity’s heights to see how their body language affected your assumptions.

Care for Your Back Every Day

If you want to keep your spine healthy, you must try and achieve a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. Everything you do (or don’t do) and eat affects your spine, and good habits are key to good spinal health. Getting plenty of exercise, maintaining a healthy weight and diet, and being mindful of your posture does and will help you beat back pain.

Written by Camille Johnson. Check her website: https://bereaver.com/

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