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Powerlifter Dmitry Nasonov Deadlifts 405 Kilograms For New ATWR At -83 Kilograms

It was a near-five-time bodyweight pull that also leads to a new all-time world record total, too.
In December 2020, at the World Raw Powerlifting World Cup in Moscow, Russia, Dmitry Nasonov set a new all-time world record deadlift at -83-kilograms with a 405-kilogram (892-pound) deadlift. He also totaled 910 kilograms (2,006 pounds) for a new ATWR total. Weighing in at 82.5 kilograms (181 pounds), that means the Russian powerlifter pulled 4.92 or just under five times his bodyweight.
That jaw-dropping deadlift aside, Nasonov had a dominant meet all around. Here are the numbers he put up, according to his Instagram post:
  • Squat — 325 kilograms (716 pounds)
  • Bench Press — 180 kilograms (396.8 pounds)
  • Deadlift — 405 kilograms (892 pounds)
  • Total — 910 kilograms (2,006 pounds)
This means that Nasonov’s total — again, a new ATWR — was 11 times his body weight, which is simply incredible.
Before Nasonov’s prolific pull, the world record, according to the International Powerlifting Federation’s record book, belonged to Nnoli Chido of Norway, who pulled 330.5 kilograms (728 pounds). Of course, as impressive as this feat is, Nasonov’s new all-time world record won’t come as a shock to fans who have been aware of the powerlifter. In December of 2019, Nasonov pulled 390 kilograms (860 pounds) and 400 kilograms (882 pounds) in 2017. This record was a long time coming.
The 28-year-old made his powerlifting debut in 2012, according to Open Powerlifting. He has competed in 26 powerlifting meets and has only missed gold four times (plus three DQs). Nasonov has competed in both the -83-kilogram and -74-kilogram weight classes. He also competes in both the Raw and Equipped (wraps) category.
This is a monumental moment for the powerlifter, and with 2020 just about in the rearview — it’ll be exciting to see what 2021 brings for Nasonov. If one had to guess, more records would be a safe bet.
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