Insane Supersets “To Increase Biceps And Triceps Muscle Growth, Volume And Stimulation”

If there’s one area that aspiring bodybuilders and avid gym-goers love to train its arms.  But, before you head out straight for those biceps curls, it’s important to remember that the triceps actually make up two-thirds of your upper arm.

We’ll break down which muscles you should be targeting, and provide the 6 best bicep and triceps exercises to really pack on mass and size.

To build the mass of your biceps, you need a combination of compound and isolation movements, using heavyweights for the best number of quality reps (before your form and technique start to decrease).

It’s important to choose the right exercises, that target all parts of the biceps when looking to build muscle mass.

Are you seeking a fast and effective arm workout? It’s possible to stimulate growth in the arms using a lot of sets and a lot of weight and do it in under an hour. Give this workout a shot!


Set 1

This is very obviously the mass building set. The biceps curls should be completed in a very heavy fashion, in sets of 6 to 8. If you can complete 10 or more, you should add weight. Stick with a range of 8 to 10 on the skullcrushers. You don’t want to injure yourself with torn triceps or by dropping a weight on your head. A training partner is very useful for this movement. Wrist curls are simple – go heavy!

Set 2

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This series of sets is designed to build mass while helping to shape the upper arms. Standing alternate dumbbell curls with dumbbells is a mass builder, but one with the flexibility to shape the outer biceps. Dumbbell triceps presses also lead to both size and mass. The Zottmans are effective for building the biceps/forearm tie-ins.

Set 3

This set focuses on the continuous tension of the muscle group. Your biceps cable curls should allow the biceps to remain flexed the entire set, never quite reaching peak contraction or fully extending the weight until the set is complete. The same method should be used for the forearm and triceps movement. Keep full and continuous tension on the muscle group for the bulk of the 45 or 75 seconds and, after this tough workout, the arms will be pumped beyond belief.

Each of the three exercises is to be completed with only 3-5 seconds of rest between sets, as you jump to the next movement. You may need to reduce the weights used, as you will most certainly lack your usual strength after completing these sets in succession. The goal isn’t to move as much weight as possible. Rather, you wish to move as much blood into the muscle group as possible. You’ll still be training as heavy as you ever did because the failure of the biceps in an exercise will not affect the triceps in a too meaningful way. It will, however, bring a great deal of blood into both areas of the upper arm, as well as the forearms.

Take a few preparations when training in this manner. You’ll need a gym that is somewhat empty. A training partner is wonderful for “guarding” unused benches and keeping you motivated while you train. Superset arm day may be a good day to drink a Gatorade/water mixture (50/50% mixture). This is a very demanding workout, and having all three areas of your arms completely saturated with blood at once will definitely pull blood from your leg, torso, and head. Above all, train hard and smart, and record your findings on the level of pump, soreness, and results.

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