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Back Training: Expert Reveals The “6 Best Tricks” To Build Lats

Expert reveals some simple attitudes that will help you accelerate results in the gym.

By training your back the wrong way, you can put a lot of loads, perform numerous repetitions and still not get any kind of result. And, unfortunately, it’s a common thing to happen, as this muscle group is perhaps one of the hardest to target”.

In addition to being a large region of the body, the back has a high number of muscles and, as if that were not enough, they still rely on the help of the arms in most exercises. Something that can dilute the recruitment of muscle fibers during the execution of movements. This prevents further isolation of the target musculature.

However, training your back the right way, “it is possible that you don’t even need that much load, let alone exaggerated repetitions. When reaching the correct training target, the wear and, consequently, the results, will probably be more concrete and faster”.

 That’s why sports advisor Bigflex Dogg separated six simple tricks – which he usually recommends to his students – to develop lats more efficiently. Check out these back training tips:

1 – Pulls to have more width – “The vertical pulls (from top to bottom) will help a lot in the width of the dorsal and this is a determining factor for the aesthetics of this region”, he explains.

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2 – Rows to work on thickness – “Many of my students focus only on width and the back doesn’t have that ‘tortoiseshell’ look. So always do rowing exercises,” recommends Bigflex Dogg.

3 – Do the back training twice a week – “Be very careful to divide your back training in this way, so that you don’t conflict with other synergists. That is, it pays to train biceps together with dorsal and trapezius with the other workout back so that all the synergistic muscles have their rest”, he warns.

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4 – Don’t neglect the lumbar“Something that is very forgotten in training are the erector spinae muscles or, simply, the hypertrophy that can happen in the lumbar region. Lumbar extension, deadlift, and stiff are very important exercises”, reminds the coach.

5 – Attention with the grip – If your hand can’t handle the entire back workout, you can use a simple accessory: the famous strap – an object that helps to fix your hands on the bar. “It comes in very well to increase the tension time in the lats when you are limited by the lack of grip strength! Obviously, you also need to try to solve this grip problem”, says the physical educator.

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6 – Use your shoulder blades – Perhaps the main mistake you make when training your back is forgetting to move your shoulder blades when performing the exercise “During training, don’t imagine that the strength comes from your arm but from your back. thinking about the lats in training helps with motor activation and making you aware of what really matters at that moment”, concludes Bigflex Dogg.

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