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2021 Arnold Classic Winner Nick “The Mutant” Walker Shares His Big Hitting Back Workout Prior To The Mr. Olympia

Having only become a professional bodybuilder a year ago, Nick ‘The Mutant’ Walker walked away with both the overall crown and the most muscular award at this year’s Arnold Classic bodybuilding contest. Nick Walker reveals the back session he used just prior to competing and winning, at the Arnold Classic and his debut at the Mr. Olympia.

Writing on Instagram, Walker described how his winning was, “One of the greatest feelings I have ever felt”.

“Winning feels so good, but the memories and friendships made, nothing compares,” he added.

Prior to competing at the event, Walker shared some of the workouts that he used to get competition ready, including this big-hitting back workout, which incidentally was his last back session before the Arnold Classic.

“I did more sets and I keep the reps between 10 and 12 and I add some drop sets in there,” said Walker. “I just feel like that’s a more fun way for me to train, and my body’s been responding really well to it”.

“Training is supposed to be the fun part, so don’t worry about tracking numbers, don’t worry about trying to hit PRs, just come in the gym and train and have fun.”

You heard the man, let’s get to it.

Lat Pulldown

3 x 12-15 reps

Walker says: “I’m trying to stay as straight up and down as possible because the main target here is the lat…If you lean back too much it turns into a row.”

Assisted T-bar Rowing Machine

3 x 10 reps

Magnum Row

3 x 12 reps

Walker says: “I’m going to use this bottom reverse grip to really hit the lower lat,” he says. “This machine’s pretty heavy so you don’t really need a shit tonne of weight.”

Seated Wide-grip Cable Row

3 x 12 reps

Stiff-arm Cable Pulldowns

3 x 12 reps

Assisted Pull-ups

20 reps (rest-pause when necessary)

Weighted Lower Back Extension

3 x 20 reps

Leg Raises

20 reps

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